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Eldritch horror, mon amour. You lewd beast.
Ten inch tentacles. Phat cunt bravado.

You ooze more than swagger. In films a priest
gets called in, no sex-hating freak (although

he’s all that, too), for an exorcism.
I think of this watching the line of light

beneath my bedroom door. My heart’s rhythm
skips each time your shadow crosses it. Right

now there’s nothing more arousing. Horror
is my great love drug. I’d invite you in,

if I could, but I don’t. You’re indifferent
to my needs. In films the priest has power

over sin. In my world the priest is sin.
I’m in bed, dreaming of your eldritch cunt.


The term, “eldritch horror,” comes from H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote about the complete irrelevance of mankind in the face of cosmic gods. The ocean is the closest thing I’ll ever get to that divine indifference; the great power that moves all life on this planet, from where we originated and completely apathetic to mankind’s prayers or needs. Man-made gods are just that; always curiously obsessed with humans, they have laws and pass judgment, they are angry or merciful, they save souls, things that only humans care about. We are a species that make up just 0.01% of life on Earth. Why would the divine exclude that other 99.99%? They don’t since they exist not to coddle human egos but to hold the universe together. Animals know this. As Walt Whitman pointed out, “They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins,/ They do not make me sick discussing their duty to god,/ Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things,/ … not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.” That’s my rock and faith.



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They say, “any port in a storm.” Yes. You
both came home with me for spliffs of righteous

bush, bi-boy porn, sauna’s wet heat. Who knew
stranger danger could be fun? A scrumptious

orgy while we play Witches and Warlock.
Now, all aglow, your best friend asks how it

feels while rubbing the tip of my cock
against your lips, her finger on your clit.

Life in a small town; you two craved to feel
depraved. Your dad said I’m a foreigner,

hellbent on trouble. All true. We love storm;
chronic thunder and rain. It’s how we’ll heal

from a world that hates pleasure and laughter.
Ecstasy is the key. Watch us transform.



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Others have promised heaven, which is odd
since that’s not my heart’s delight (that would be

a subaquatic sex pad) but I nod
all the same because we are trying. We

both know that we’ll never meet. All those text ––
threats of being besties, of cum, of bliss

–– end the same each time. I use to be vexed
with that. Five hundred weeks (without a kiss,

without a lover, without the passion
I write of) is craptastic but honest.

A chaste decade. Let heaven be a fuck
squad of friends in a submarine of sin

in the Seine. But who gets heaven when lust
can’t be reached? I dream of cum and havoc.



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Our gods call this prayer. Men say sin. I’ll take
divine every time. Your fingers barely

brush my flesh as they pass by. We are ache
and stardust, star-child. In a galaxy

afraid of this sort of pleasure you press
down. Take me in, shaman. We speak in moans,

holy words that leave us a sopping mess.
This prayer. This space between your pubic bones.

Stretching you. The good pain when you use this
as the conduit to speak to our gods ––

Lean back while I finger your clit until
you can’t hold yourself up. Hard fuck. Hard kiss.

Hard faith, moon girl. Lilith’s daughter. Ramrods.
Gold mines. We cum as one. Our gods’ goodwill.



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You are luscious. So what if your friend lurks
near by? Lust makes us all wack. For weeks you

hinted at clit-smacks, bong-hits, circle-jerks,
love-bites. Your panties and hijab cast to

the floor, thighs around my head. “I’ll rewire
you joked, as she moved closer to watch

you melt. For weeks you’ve told her how desire
makes you melt, flood the bed with each: “¡debauch

me, ay papi!” One day you’ll lay between
Zhaleh’s knees, lapping the way I do now,

while I slide deep inside her, then pull out
so you can lick my blood-splattered cock clean.

“Leh’s ours,” you said, making her flood. A vow?
Of course. We’ve all survived chastity’s drought.


Leh is short for Zhaleh, a Persian girl’s name meaning heavy rain. A hijab is a veil worn by some Muslim women.



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Bit of scruff? My cheeks, your pubes; when we come
together can’t tell where one ends, where one

begins. You can tell where my tongue ends. Hum
of my lips on your lips. Your low, “damn, son,”

as I carry more than a tune. Turning,
lifting, touching, fingers sliding in fat

back there. Toes curling. Go with it, stirring
trouble between your legs. Calling me brat

each time your hips jerk. Call me sir each time
you cry, “amen!” like applause. Night before

I come over I don’t shave. Feel that scratch.
DJ’s sick turntable tricks work sublime

on your clit. Time enough for an encore;
a tune that I call tongue-fucking your snatch.



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“God’s cock!” you nickered, bound, blindfolded. Once
you were sure about sin. ––Lust’s rage. ––Sublime’s

power. ––Once you saw your god’s indifference
as love. Each plague must be signs of End Times.

Sin must be punished. Now you quake: the sting
of whip, scent of hot wax. Now you’re unsure.

You’ve been wrong before; can’t see me scowling
when you called me angel-headed hipster.

“4 face’d, 6 wing’d & full of eyes within”?
Only Eldritch horror looks like white dudes

with wings, not Seraph. All the angelic
orders are forged in malice, old-school sin.

Speak of what we know. I offer my nudes
and trust, cum and soul. I say: take your prick.

ha in hell


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Some scars glare. Split chin? Prat fall on acid.
Trippin’. Others I don’t show. Those half-healed

holes in my chest where nipples once rested?
I still keep my shirt on. Nothing revealed

but scabs peeled. I’m crafting a puckered grin
across my tum-tum, this beggar’s belly,

as if I’m trying to spill my guts. Skin
parts just like a zipper’s tug easily.

Again: skin you’ll never see. What is flesh
but a host of nerves that scream? A bit crude

but I’ve learned to live with it; I’ve cut my fat
and carved each nerve ending out. Nerves end; fresh

slices soothe. Not like you’ll soon see me nude
and ask: ha in hell did yee survive that?



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Some like it perverse. Rose petaled bed, warm
music and black silk wrapped around your eyes

cannot mask an abattoir nor the storm
of pain, crisis and hope between your thighs.

Slaughterhouse rules. Faith’s mystery exposed.
Faith mixed with carnage. Let other saviors

curse your soul’s carnal side; souls starve when closed.
–– Will yours? What will save you? –– I’ve got altars

ready for prayer with foreplay, with sweet words.
Ready to blow; strike you down like stockyard

bolts or old-school gods. You’ve got a drunkard’s
need to be saved that leaves me braggart hard.

Bet your soul I won’t? This, too, is rescue;
when you drip cum, my cock buried in you.