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Back when cars exploded for no reason
and T couldn’t stand no jibber-jabbing

I blew my chance. Not in some cheap hyphen
ass dumb punchline but in you. Blitzkrieging

fingers in your curls plastered to the sides,
your skin dark opal. Dumb star-crossed children,

your dad said. We were clean as doom. Our prides
crimped to the max, feathered, teased with strychnine,

lye, waste. Your dad said that I was: bad news,
confused, going through a phase. Like a “Damn-

phase. To pity fools, to taste cum and booze

on your breath. To recall your purse held: Wham!
cassettes, used condoms, our cashed baby bong.

new year’s new day


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Quenched yet parched. Cold had heated its perfume
so that my cat screamed. The haunt appeared clad

in hot winds. Juicy bones in my bedroom.
“You’re bad for wanting me to do this!” Bad?

Sulfur was in its smooches. Negligee
from a Sears catalog. You don’t know bad,

waif love. This time of year my runaway
blows mean loss and more loss. All this nomad

flesh means never enough. I’m the mortal
that the dead warned you of. Divas of notched

sable fur ask: what’s so bad about carnal?
New Year’s first day: debauched debauched debauched.

Haunt, I love you so. First make an obscene
sucking noise, then I suck all your bones clean.

new year


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Into your crass I came; hungry, not starved.
Cold heat within me was hard proof that you

were the sweetest thing under this roof. Carved
from the same root we are: satyr’s seed, blue

dahlia, maple sweet. It was at the inn
while in your end that our fire without rest

burned with merriment. Praise this sin while in
you. Praise your owl cry for more. Let each blessed

stroke cut us off from all other teenage
wastelands, beloved. Storm lights in our window,

burdens left by war gods, your breast cancer
— none of it matters. We let love rampage

in us. We praise the freak, love’s wild weirdo,
death’s new year — we’re ripe with hints of slaughter.



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Bust of palm spent. Thrust against your back, bent
in your ass. Slap-on jeans drawn down. Bourgeois

passions. Old tongue. In Hayeren I meant:
Vo’chinch. I meant: Nothing. Comme ci. Comme ca.

Maybe good. Maybe bad. So so. Drained. Gushed.
That pause. I could stop. We could stop. Say: slow.

O ho. Or: more. Or say: gore left me flushed.
Gore left you hushed, waiting for the deathblow

from a fuck to give off more than obscene
relief. Is it enough? you ask. My chill.

Your heat. Perhaps. Enough to make us cum
in fire, ash. Don’t begrudge carnage between

us. Don’t cuss hard love. It’s still love: the thrill
of your dizzy tizzy, your ill tantrum.


Hayeren is the term that Armenians use for their own language and, “Vo’chinch,” is an expression that literally means, “nothing,” but is used in the same way that the French use, “comme ci comme ca” — neither good nor bad, it just is.



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There was no ark, no broken seal. The dead
clock this world but not like how I was taught.

“Oi git overstrung, freaked oyt, too,” I zed.
“Oi’m fired up. Oi’m fucked up. Oi’m overwrought.

But Oi’m perfect, otherwise.” Other … wise.
4-sight. Savoir faire. It’s there: that finite

tense that we both sensed. That manic demise
that no laws, lit or holy writ can right.

We don’t know and the dead don’t claim the truth.
The dead just are — absurd as negative

numbers, absurd as love. Call their wisdom
the same when my knees bend, cheeks bulge, uncouth

jaw pops with your climax, with what you give;
no arks, no laws, no writ. Just soul. Just cum.



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Christmas Eve’s “No First Drink” Recovery
Meeting. The reek of Pall Mall in the air.

Don’t talk now. Don’t stand out. Not of Gyumri.
Not of dead orphans. Not of the nightmare

that haunts you from Nagorno-Karabakh.
Everyone here carries their own horrors.

Right now just listen, just be present. Black
humor, Lilith’s mercy, depraved lovers

kept you, if not lucid, at least sober …
but not tonight. You woke. You sit and grieve,

nod and listen. You love these survivors.
You love everyone but yourself. No prayer

will heal what you conceal under your sleeve,
under your burn scar, your broken knuckle.



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In the bathroom you lather her snatch-thatch
until the hair hangs, soaked in suds. Mirror

ready. Razor in hand you kiss the scratch
and bruise you’d left. You play rough, big sister.

You break toys and crow when you taste her ass
on my cock face flushed while gagging me right

down your throat. You called her up after class,
told her that she would be spending the night

in your dorm-room. Now amuse me, you tease.
Show her what happens to bratty Littles

who go all catawampus. Shave her smooth.
With her girl-curls sluiced to the floor you squeeze

defleeced flesh letting drawn-out cum-tendrils
tie you to the clit that you suck and soothe.



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After your mom goes to bed you slip out
of the trailer so that we can nuzzle

and pet in the red dirt. Lower-lip pout —
O-lip moan. Kisses and pheromones. Dull

ache of cock pressed against the camel toe
in your cotton. Creosote and sage. Kiss

with my tongue in your mouth. Rust moon’s glow.
“Middle school,” you hiss, “was never like this.”

All that stands between us is a condom
and the cloth of your Pinkie Pie knickers;

a left-over from your ghastly, “lost year.”
Not like this. Not now. Pain gives us freedom.

Not like that. This. Kiss me more. The sky blurs
as we bleed, crossing through this queer frontier.



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Lady Frigg: there’s no shame when the gods touch
us. Hand on a mutton dagger. Fingers

in a velveteen mine. What they call a Dutch
Jacking, Fifty-nine, Mutual Pleasures

is what we do, every day, after school.
Fertile demivierge: all that’s in repose,

ready to be woke, is in us. Flesh fuel.
Dungarees around your knees. Your curled toes

quiver as I work in a third finger —
stroking what lies within. Like a heart-stone

or a seed-fruit our gifts are limitless
here in your bedroom before your mother

gets home. Tiny deaths spring up. Endless moan
as the gods fill us, vast and numberless.

DEMIVIERGE: A French term meaning, “an adolescent who, though still technically a virgin, has engage in other sexual activities including mutual-masturbation, oral sex and heavy petting.” (from, sex-lexis, an on-line erotic dictionary)