hopilavayi: an erotic dictionary

All the information presented here comes from, “Hopi Dictionary: Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni: A Hopi Dictionary of the Third Mesa Dialect” (University of Arizona Press, 1998).

It is my deep belief that all that is erotic is also spiritual. Studying how a language or culture views and articulates their erotic nature is important. As an outsider with no connection to native speakers, though, I often find research in these subjects a difficult task. What is deemed taboo or private, sacred or forbidden, does not always make it onto the written page. Furthermore, the ethnographers doing the original data gathering have their own personal and cultural blinders which might prevent them from asking the right questions, having access to the right contacts or even realizing that this was a subject needing recording and preservation in the first place. For example, while this particular dictionary contains many entries for masturbation, they’re all defined in male-related terms (“pulling the foreskin back” etc.) and nothing can be found on what women call similar acts. Regardless of whether it was left out on purpose or by accident the fact is that the knowledge is not accessible. The same is true for LGBT+ terms and definitions. The democracy of the erotic and queer, feminism, poetry of the flesh and soul — these are the terms and ideas I hunted for when I first opened this book.

I understand that there have been controversies over making a dictionary of the Hopi language available to the non-Hopi world. Back in 1998 the Tribal Council attempted to block University of Arizona Press from publishing what would eventually become Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni. The dispute was resolved, which is how I finally came to request a copy through inter-library loan (to buy even a used copy would set me back around $600 on Amazon Books and I am a dirt-poor sexologist). In a world where any mention of sexuality and gender can be seen as offensive, where pahànqatsi (the “Anglo way of life,” especially the much mocked and derided “hiihipim” or hippies) has shown no respect for hopìiqatsi (“civilized life”), if this information wasn’t already available I would not publish it here. Knowledge is all well and good but I don’t want to be that sort of Anglo who makes a mess of things all while claiming it’s being done with the best of intentions. Kwakwhay.


àatoqavi n.sg. 1. underwear. Hisat totimhòoyam ~ysa ang tangawkyakyàangw mihikqw yuyutyangwu. In the old days little boys would only wear underwear while running races at night. 2. (poss.) wife (used jokingly; a reference to sexual position). Noqw ùu~ hinta? So how’s your wife? — Ùu ~y aw hàloknani. Say hello to your wife. — I’~ kur waaya. My wife has apparently left. àatoqa’vi-‘at [bottom-NR-3P] Var. 1. àatöqevi. Cf. oovaqavi(‘at), joking reference to husband.

àatöqayuwsi n.sg. underclothing. Hisat pay Hopi qa ~’ytangwu. A Hopi used to not wear underclothing, àatöqa-yuwsi [bottom-clothing]

àatöqenapna n.sg. undershirt, long johns. Pu’ pi pay Pahaanam yesqw oovi pu’ pay Kookopölö ~t angqw pakiwtangwu; pantaqw pumuy amungem qa haman’ewayningwu. Since the Anglos are living here the Kookopolo kachina wears long johns so it will not be embarrassing to them. àa-tö-q-e-naptia [3P-below-EX-DIF-shirt]

alöngtsung | i (~.ya) vi.p. have sex with someone other than one’s usual sex partner. Pim yaw ~qey yep inumi lalvaya. He was telling me that he had sex with someone different from his usual sex partner. — Put koongya’at ~qw oovi pam put hoona. Her husband cheated on her so she threw him out. alöng-tsungi [different-copulate]

angwus | hoya (~hooyam) n. little crow. Oovaqe ~hoyapuuyawnuma. A little crow is flying around overhead. angwus’hoya [crow-DIM]


énang | ta (~tota) vt.p. add to, get in addition, include. Nu’ inomay qooqayat ~ta. I’ve taken on my wife’s older sister (as an additional lover). énang-ta [including-CAUS]


haayiwnum | a (~ya) vi.i. (Phoenix Indian School slang) be hanging around. Pas pam sutsep town ep paysoq ~a. He is constantly just hanging around in town. Haay-iw-numa [hang-PASS-CIRCG]

hévok- (~.ya) vi.p. fold back the loose skin that covers the glans penis. (Entry requires suffix.) Pu’ pi pay tsaatsayomniikyangwpay ~.yangwu. Nowadays, in fact, the loose folds of skin on boys’ penises are pulled back when they’re young, hévo-k- [pull:back:foreskin-SGL-]

hévokin | ta (~tota) vi.i. 1. be pulling someone’s foreskin back. 2. (refl.) be masturbating (re male). hévo-k-in-ta [pull:back:foreskin-SGL-CAUS-REP]

hévokiw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. 1. have the foreskin of the penis pulled back. Ùutiyòoya kur okiw ~ta. Your poor little boy has had the foreskin of his penis pulled back (prematurely). 2. (met.) for a male to have intercourse for the first time. Tiyo naat qa hisat hakiy tsoove’ qa ~tangwu. A young man is a virgin before he has ever had intercourse with anyone. 3. be circumcised Hisat Hopi pay qa ~tangwu. Hopis didn’t use to be circumcised. hévo-k-iw-ta [pull:back:foreskin-SGL-(?)-DUR]

hévokna (~ya) vt.p. 1. pull someone’s foreskin back. Okiw pam put ~. He pulled the poor guy’s foreskin back. 2. (met.) sexually initiate a male, be the first to have sex with a particular man. Maana tiyot ~. The maiden sexually initiated the young man. (complementary notion: Tiyo maanat pùukukna. The young man deflowered the maiden.) 3. (refl., naahevotoa) masturbate. Um hìntiqwpw okiw naahevokna? Why did you masturbate again, you poor thing? hévo-k-na [pull:back:foreskin-SGL-CAUS] Cf. pùukukna, be the first to have intercourse with a woman.

himu | mana (dl. ~mant or ~manat, acc. ~mantuy or ~manatuy; pl. ~mamant, acc. ~mamàntuy) n. girl of some foreign, non-Hopi origin. Hak ~manat lengiyat tsòotsone’ lavayiyat tuuqayvangwu. When one French-kisses a foreign girl, he learns her language. himu-mana [what-maiden]

hipi (hiihipim) n. hippie. ~ as pay Pahaananiikyangw kya pi pahànqatsit qa himutiqe angqe’ himusinmuy amùupa nakwsukyangw pu’ Hòputuy amumiqpitu. Itamuy itdaqatsiy as tututskyaynaniqey ooviniikyangw tuwat naanap hin hiita itsehe’et enang hintsakqw aw Hopisinom qa kwangwataayungwa. The hippie is really an Anglo but I guess he has rejected the Anglo lifestyle, so as he traveled among the Indian people he encountered the Hopis. He wanted to imitate our way of life but he did things against [our] moral principles, for which the Hopi people scorned him. [Eng hippie]

hiq | ta (~tota) vi.des.i. have a crush on. warn. desire. Son pi qa pay aw ~ta. He’s undoubtedly got a crush on her already. hiq-ta [(?)-REP]

hohovam n. transvestites, homosexuals; pl of hova. ho-ho-va-m [RDP-transvestite/homosexual-nsg]

homitslöwa n.sg. woman with a shriveled-up vagina (insulting or teasing reference). Um himu ~. You’re such a woman with a shriveled-up vagina. — Um lakhamnìiqe oovi sumataq ~. You’ve gotten skinny, so you’re clearly one with a shriveled-up vagina. homits-löwa [field:mouse-vagina]

homitslöw | hoya (~hooyam) n. one that has a tiny shriveled-up vagina. (Uncles tease their nieces this way.) Um himu ~hoya. You’re one that has a shriveled-up vagina, homits-löw’hoya [field:mouse-vagina-DIM]

homolöwa n.sg. mounded vagina, mound of venus. Nu’ itàakyay aw navoti’ytaqw pam suyan ~. I know my paternal aunt has a well-mounded vagina. homo-löwa [mound-vagina]

honaqvahaana (~m) n. crazy, drunk Anglo. Solaawam ~t wikya. The police officer took away the drunken Anglo. honaq-vahaana [erratic-Anglo]

hoovi(‘at) n.sg.poss. area of the buttocks. Hiitawat ~’at pay pavan ayó’ iisiwtangwu. Some have buttocks that really stick out hoovi-at [butt:end-3P]

hova (hohovam) n. transvestite, homosexual, person who assumes the gender role and mannerisms of the opposite sex; similar to a berdache. ~ pay as tíyoniikyangw pam maanat an hintangwunìiqe pam sùukyahaqampas oovi kanèlkwasa ‘ytangwu. A hova is a boy who does things like a girl, so sometimes one even wears a woolen dress. — ~ manahlita hintsakye’ hóvaningwu; pu’ manawya piw tiyohintsakye’ piw ~ningwu. If a [boy] hova does girl things he’s a hova, then if a girl does boy things she’s a hova also.


itsehe’hoya (i’tsehe’hòoyam) n. dirty person. Ayàm hipi ~ piw naat sivatungla’yta. The dirty hippie is over there soliciting money again. itsehe’-hoya [dirty-DIM]


kaphe n.sg. coffee. Nu’ ~tniqw pu’ um tònatsni. I’ll have coffee, you have donuts [Sp cafè]

kapir | wùuti (~momoyam; acc.pl. ~momoymuy) n. female goat. I’tsivaato kya pi ~momoymuy aùuupa sominumqw pay himuwa aw sisiwkukngwu. I guess this billy goat went around smelling the female goats and one of them would urinate on him. kapir-wùuti [goat-female]

kiivu(‘at) (comb. kivu-) n.sa.poss. placecnta, afterbirth. Naat ~ ‘at qa yama. Her placenta has not come out yet. kii-vu-‘at [house/home-NR-3P]

ko’otskwasi n.sg. (person with a) skinny penis. Maraw Wuwtsimuy oovelanik(t) pay kwasiyat akwningwu; nen pàngqawngwu, “~” sen piw “sulakhayi.” If a Maraw woman wants to taunt a Wuwtsim member she does it with [talk about] his penis; she’ll say “skinny penis” or maybe “shriveled-up penis.” ko’ots-hvasi [stick:like-penis]

kookongyasa’a adj. (woman who) has many lovers. koo-kongya-sa-a [RDP-husband-only-PS]

kukri’y | ma (~wisa) vn.i. go along with the bottom showing. Àakwayngyavaqw kwasa ‘at hiisavaniqw ~ma. Since her dress is short in back, she’s going along with her bottom showing, ku-kri- ‘y-ma [RDP-buttocks-POSS-PROG]

kukri’ynum | a (~ya) vn.i. go around with the buttocks showing. Oovi susmataq ~a. He’s going around with his naked buttocks clearly showing. ku-kri-‘y-numa [RDP-buttocks-POSS-CIRCG] Var. kuri’ynuma.

kuri(‘at) n.sg.poss. one’s bottom, behind, anus. Naapas soq ~ngaqwningwu. You shouldn’t have done it in the rear (re intercourse from behind; said when someone does something wrong) kuri-at [buttocks-3P]

kurihöhönpi n.sg. toilet paper. Hopi pay hisat ~t qa enang tuutu’i. A Hopi didn’t use to buy toilet paper kuri-höhönp-i [buttocks-wiper] Syn kwitahöhönpi

kurimiq | lawu (~lalwa) vt.i.dl. be having intercourse from behind. Pam put ~lawu. He’s having intercourse with her from behind. –— naa ~ lawu, be having intercourse together with one from behind. kuri-mi-q-lawu [buttocks-DES-EX-CONT]

kurivàatsikpu (postp ~va, ~ngaqw) nsg cleavage of the bottom. Suu ~ -ngaqw uya’yta. She has a sore right in the crack of her bottom. kuri-vàatsi-k-pu [buttocks-burst:through-SGL-RSLT]

kutsukya (comb. kutsuk-) adjsg very ticklish Um ~? Are you ticklish?

kwanalni’y | ta (~yungwa) vt.i. have obj. spread apart, esp. another’s legs. Tsutskut Piptuqmanat ~kyàakyangw slipoq yortota. The clowns had the Piptuq girl’s legs spread apart and were looking in her crotch. kwana-l-n-i-‘y-ta [split:apart-ST-CAUS-NR-POSS-DUR]


lengihayiw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. have the tongue hanging out. Iisaw ~kyangw lomamanat aqw taynuma. The coyote was looking around at the beautiful girl with its tongue hanging out. ~ Ivoko ta. My dog has his tongue hanging out. lengi-hay-iw-ta [tongue-hang-PASS-DUR]

lengìitsatsmi (~ya) vi./vt.p. lick (several times). Nu’ imalatsiy aug paas molasit ~. I licked my fingers clean of syrup. — Nu’ nönöspit atsmi kwangwa’öngat wàhoknaqe aug paas ~. I spilled sugar on the table so I licked it off thoroughly. lengìi-tsa-tsmi [tongue-RDP-(P)] Cf. lengitsmi, lick once.

lengitsminum | a (~ya) vi.i. be licking here and there. Taywayat aug ~a. It was licking [her] all over her face. Lensitsm-inuma [lick-CIRCG]

lomayuwsi’ynum | a (~ya) vn.i. (masc.spkr.) go around with beautiful clothes on. Tiikive pavan ~a. She was going around wearing dress clothes at the dance, loma-yuwsi-‘y-numa [good-dress-POSS-CIRCG] Cf. fem.spkr. nukwangwyuwsi’ynuma.

lomu n.sg. women’s underpants. ~y tavi. She took off her underpants. — Hisat~ pi pay pas wùutit tamöyat aqw pitsiwtangwu. The old-time bloomers reached clear down to the woman’s knee. [Eng bloomers]

löhap’aya n.sg. rattle made from animal scrotum. (The testicles are removed and the scrotum is dried and filled with pebbles, etc.) ~t hak tiposit aw aayantangwu. One uses the scrotum rattle to shake for a baby. — Iti tsaymiqe ~’ytangwu. My child as a youngster used to have a scrotum rattle. löhap’-aya [testicle-rattle]

löhap | hoya (~hòoya) n. little testicles. Pam yaw hìita tuutuyqe oovi ~hoya’yta. They say he’s ill from something, so his testicles are shriveled up. löhap-hoya [testide-DIM]

löhaptsìipuu sg. scrotum. Hak löhaphoroknanik(t) mòoti pay ~t tsukuyat ayò tukungwu. If you’re going to castrate [an animal], you first cut away the tip of the scrotum. löhap-tsìipu [testicle-outer: layer] Var. löhavutsìipu.

löhavu (comb. löhap-, -lhavu) n.sg. testicle, scrotum. Ùu- pös’iwta. I see that your testicles are swollen.

löavuhayiw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. 1. have testicles hanging down (re hoofed animals). wukowakastaqa ~ta. There’s a big bull with its testicles hanging down. 2. (met.) for a man to be stark naked. Susmataq yaw tàataqt ~yungwa. In open view, the men were stark naked, löhavu-hay-iw-ta [testicle-hang-PASS-DUR]

lölöwawya (~m) n. one with a little vagina. Um himu ~; pay naamahin hiisayhoya pay hukya’yta. You’re such a one with a little vagina; even though it is little, it is worth a lot. lö-löwaw-ya [RDP-vagina-DIM] Cf. löwawya, little vagina.

lölwa n. vaginas, vulvas; pl. of löwa. lö-twa [RDP-vagina]

löwa (sg. only or lölwa) n. vagina, vulva. Pam Maskimiqnen son qa ~t wuko’ikwiwtani. When he goes to the spirit world he probably will be carrying a lot of vulva on his back (as a burden to delay his early arrival). — kwangwa~, a woman who is a pleasurable sex partner — wuko~, a woman who has a large vulva — homo~, unusually protruding vulva — löwa qa suusay. Vaginas are not all the same size.

löwa’itsiw | ta (~yungwa) vi. i. naked (of female).

löwa’its-iw | ta – naked (of female). Isti, pas hak ngasta yuwsi ‘ytaqe oovi sumataq ~ta. Oh my, someone is without any clothes, that’s why she’s apparently naked (“has her vulva hanging out”) löwa-‘its-iw-ta [vagina-stick:out-PASS-DUR] Cf. kwasi’itsiwta (of male).

löwahaqni’y | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. have a dire need, desire for sex with a woman. Um nalqattaqanìiqe oovi ~ta. You’re a man who lives alone, that’s why you’re horny. löwa-haqni’yta [vagina-need]

löwahuuyanki (~ki) n. brothel, whorehouse. Homol’ove hisat ~ningwu. There used to be a whorehouse in Winslow. löwa-hùuyàn-ki [vagina-be: trading-house]

löwahùuya | qa (~yaqam) n. prostitute, whore. Pampi maana ~qa pep wunuwta. That’s the girl who’s a prostitute who is standing there, löwa-hùuya-qa [vagina-be:trading-REL]

löwa | mo’a (~mom’at) n. a man who constantly talks about sex. Nu’ hisat ~mo’anmgwuniqw oovi So’yoko inumi pitu. I used to be someone who constantly talked about sex, that’s why So’yoko came for me. löwa-mo’a [vagina-mouth]

löwamuts | tuhikya (~tutuhikt) n. a person who fondles a woman’s vulva on the pretense of applying massage healing; an accusatorial remark about such a person. Hakiy löwayat.sa mumtsmgwumiqe oovi ~tuhikya. He only massages one’s vulva, that’s why he’s called the vulva massaging medicine-doctor. löwa-muts-tuhikya [vagina-compress-healer]

löwa | sona (~sosont) n. one who engages excessively in sex with a woman. Pay pi hak qa pas ~ sonaniikyangw a’ni timu’ytangwu. Even though one does not engage in excessive sex, he can still have many children, löwa-sona [vagina-craver] Cf. kwasisona, one who engages excessively in sex with a man.

löwa’son’wùutaga n.sg. lusty old man, male (boy or man) who delights in talk about sex Wuutaganiikyangwlöwat.sayu’a ‘atangwunìiqe oovi. Although he’s an old man, he’s always talking about sex, so he’s a lusty old man. löwa-son-wùutaga [vagina-craver-old: man]

Löwatamwùuti n.sg. Vagina Dentata Woman, Toothed Vagina Woman, ~t löwa’at okiw paas tamaspiwa. The vulva of the poor Vagina Dentata Woman lost all its teeth. (Fr la femme au vagin avec des dents.) löwa-tam-wùuti [vagina-toothed-woman]

Löwava (potsp. ~ve(q) ~mi(q), ~ngaqw) n.sg. Gold Springs, at the south escarpment of the Moenkopi Plateau. löwa-va [vulva-water]

löwavalki (~ya) vi.p. get a longing for sex with a woman. Nu’ wuuyavo qa tsùngqe oovi ~. I haven’t engaged in sex for a long time, so I m craving sex with a woman. löwa-valki [vagina-crave]

löwavalkiwnum | a (~ya) go around craving sex with a woman. Naap hamananiqe pu’sa ~a. He’s going around craving sex because of his own fault that he’s so shy. löwa-valki-w-numa [vagina-crave-ST-CIRCG]

löwavalkiwuy n.sg.acc. lust, desire for sex with a woman. Pu’ yaw puma piw pàngqaq.wa puma yaw it ~ akw piw maamangu’a. Then they were saying again that they couldn’t go on because of their desire for sex with women. löwa-valki-wu-y [vagina-crave-wu-ACC]

löwave’y | ta (~yungwa) vn.i. have a vulval design painted on (as on Hehey’a) Maave ~ — kyangw pu’ hokyave piw ~ta. He has a vulval design on both arms and the leg. löwa-ve’y-ta [vagina-mark-POSS-DUR]

löwavena (~ya) mark with a vulval design. Hehey’a tihut qàasiyat ep ~ He painted a vulval design on the Hehey’a kachina doll’s thigh. löwa-vena [vagina-draw]

löwaveni n.sg. a vulval design. I’tanat an pe’ytaqa ~ This painted vulval design is like a hoof. löwa-veni [vagina-markings]

löwàwya n.sg. little vagina. Um as wukowuuiniikangw ~’yta. You’re a big woman but you have a little vagina. löwà-‘wya [vagina-DIM] lölöwàwya, one with a little vagina.


maamànkwatsim n. boys who have a way with girls; pl. of mànkwatsi. maa-màn-kwatsi-m [RDP-maiden-friend-NSG]

maamantuwasa adj. having girlfriends all over. Um hapi ~’a; um nòomate’ son kwangwaqtuni. You are a real ladies’ man; if you marry you won’t live a happy life. maa-mantuwa-sa [RDP-girlfriend-only]

maamantuwt n. girlfriends, sweethearts of a boy or boys; pl. of mantuwa(‘at). maa-man’tuw-t [RDP-maiden-find-NSG]

maamantuw | ta (~tota) vn.p. find several girlfriends. Hak ~te’ qa sùuput kwusungwu. When one gets a lot of girlfriends he usually marries the wrong one. maa-mantuw-ta [RDP-girlfriend-CAUS] Cf. mantuwta, find a girlfriend.

maamast n. dead ones; pl. of màasaw. maa-mas-t [RDP-corpse-NSG]

maamastnìwti vi.p. get changed into death spirits; pl. of màasawniwti. maa-mas-t-nìwti [RDP-death:spirit-NSG-change: into]

mamasawhòoyam n. little death spirits; pl. of masawhoya, ma-masaw-hò-ya-m [RDP-death:spirit-RDP-DIM-NSG]

mapri | lawu (~lalwa) vt.i. keep rubbing, polishing, petting. Pam nuy ~lawu. he kept petting me. Nuipri-lawu [rub-CONT]

mapri | ma (~wisa) vt.i. go along polishing or rubbing. M’ tiyo qahopi: pas sòosokmuy màmántuy ~ma. That boy is naughty; he’s going along rubbing all the girls. mapr-ima [rub-PROG] Var. mapritima.

maprinum | a (~ya) vt.i. go around polishing or rubbing, be rubbing here and there. Tsutskut kiisonve Piptuqmomoymuy ~ya. The clowns were going around on the plaza feeling the Piptuq women all over, mapr-inuma [rub-CIRCG] Var. mapritinuma,

mapriri | lawu (~lalwa) vt.i. keep stroking. Pu’ pay pam taaqawa put wùutit pep qaspa pu’ pay haahaqe’ lawu. Then it was that man who kept stroking the woman along die thighs and along different places, mapri-ri-lami [rub-RDP-CONT]

mas | mana (dl. ~mant or ~manat, acc. ~màntuy or ~manatuy; pl. ~mamant, acc. ~mamàntuy) n. (in stories) death spirit girl, demon girl (the face is a skull, the rest is a regular body). Yaw ~mana tiyot aw pitu. They say the death spirit girl came to the boy. mas-mana [corpse-maiden]

mosngya n.sg. clitoris Pay wùuuitsa ~ ‘ytangwu. Only a woman has a clitoris.

mumuspi’y | taqa (~yùngqa) n. that which is sexually arousing, erotic. Noqw i’ himu tuuwutsi pantaqa yaw ~’taqa tuuwutsiningwu. So some story that is that way, they say, is one that’s sexually arousing. — Nu’ pas só’onqe -taqat amumi tùutuwutsni. I’m sure to tell them a story that’s sexually arousing. mu-mus-pi-‘y-ta-qa [RDP-sexually: arouse-INSTR-POSS-REL]

mus| hongvi ~-hohongvim) n. one who has an enduring erection. Nay an ~hongvimiqe pamyaw oovi tsaatsakwmuy sùniti. Just like his father, he has enduring strength for an erection, that’s why they say he had many children right away. mus-hongvi [sexually:arouse-strong]

musingw’i (~m) n. (slang) a man who is often and easily stimulated to erection. ~nìiqe oovi pas nöömay qa maatapngwu. He gets an erection quickly, that’s why he never leaves his wife alone. musi-ngw’i [sexually:arouse-NR]

musna (~ya) vt.p. cause to become sexually aroused, cause to have an erection. Lomamana nuy ~. A good-looking girl caused me to have an erection. — Tsutskut hin put moorot ~ya. Somehow the clowns caused the donkey to get an erection, mus-na [sexually:arouse-CAUS]

musnga n.sg. an unidentified plant having a root resembling an erect penis and believed to stimulate sometimes permanent erection. Pay yaw nùutumi ~t ngahutangwu. He administers the erection root medicine to others. mus-nga [sexually:arouse-root/medicine]

musqalaptu (~ya) vi.p. become unerect or flaccid, lose an erection. Maanat aw hin u’nangqw pas qa aw unangwtapqw pay ~. When he was really aroused at [watching] the girl, she wouldn’t encourage him, so he lost his erection, mus-qalaptu [sexually:arouse-get: healed]

mussööpu(k-) (~.ya) vi.p. lose one’s erection. Put yaw hakiy aw hak nopnaqw pas yaw hak put nöösa’yte’ pan hak y aw qa ~kngwunen pu’ yaw hak paypiwputakw naaninangwu. When someone feeds that to you and you have it ingested in your body you don’t lose the erection, but you can kill yourself with it also. — Nu’ pay su~. I’ve lost my erection quickly. mus-sööpu(-k-) [sexually:arouse-recede(SGL-)]

musya vi.p. pl. of mùusi 1, get sexually aroused, get an erection, mus-ya [sexually:arouse-PL]

mùusi 1 (musya; comb. mus-) vi.p. become sexually aroused (re a male), get an erection. Paapu as qa musngwuniikyangw kya pi pas pam put qa yongyayqe’tini. He doesn’t get an erection anymore, but I guess he’s not going to stop having extra-marital affairs. — Tis yan musngwunen sutsep momoymuy ang yannuma. Especially if one gets it up like this, he could go around with women all the time. — qa musngwuqa, impotent — Tàataqt pay piw momoymuy yu’ a ‘atotaqe oovi musya. The men got their penises erect because they’re talking about women again.

mùusi 2 n.sg. erect penis, erection. Noqw um suukw ~t akw hiisakista? Then with one erection how many times did you do it? — Pam tsivaato put ~y qa angwu’ykyangw yaw kapiirat aw warikt pu’ yaw put pantsana. That billygoat couldn’t control its erection as it ran up to a goat and did it to it. — ~y amum naayawtikyangw qa angwuta. He was “fighting” with his erection, but couldn’t control it.

mùusi | ma (~wisa) vi.i. for a male to be getting sexually aroused. Paysoq wùutit wuuwatpay piw ~ma. He only thought of a woman and was getting sexually aroused again, mùusi-w-ma [sexually:arouse-ST-PROG]

muusiw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. for a male to be sexually aroused. A’ni ~ta. He had a rigid erection. mùusi-w-ta [sexually:arouse-ST-DUR]Syn. tòvokni’yta, tàrukiwta.

muuyaw (muumuyawt; paus. ~u; comb. muy-, muyaw-, -muyaw, -muya [-month]; pl, -mumuyawt) n.sg. moon. Ya ~ haqè qalawma? Where [in its phase] is the moon edging along? — ~ qaatsiptu. The moon is new. — ~ naasaptu. The moon is full. — Ason ~uy nasaprùupakqw pu’ itam öngmok.wisni. When it’s past full moon, we’ll go on a salt expedition. — Naat pi yaw ~ wuuyoqniqw pam pangqw nakwsu. He started out from there when the moon was still large. — Hàykyawta, pam i’ ~. It is waning, that moon. — Haqàapiy pu’yaw pamwa ~ sulawti. In due time that moon phased out. — Qa haqam ~. There is no moon anywhere. — Omens of bad weather: ~ peeni’yta. The moon has a halo. — ~ supatangqatsi. The moon is flat on its back. (crescent on the bottom) muuya-w [moon-wu]

muyawve(‘at) n.sg.poss. crescent moon design. Hootem ~ ‘yyùngqam tooki yungiwma. The Hoote kachinas with moon crescent designs (on their foreheads) went around from kiva to kiva to dance last night.muyaw-ve-at [moon-mark-3P]

muy | heva (~hepya or ~heheva) vn.p. seek the new moon. Kur nu’ aw ~heva. Let me go out and see if the new moon is out. — Uma kivatsomi yayve’ ~hehevani; umuy tutwaqw itam pùusuknayani. You (all) start searching on the kiva roof for the new moon; when you find it we’ll beat the drum. muy-heva [moon-seek]

muykiisi n.sg. moon shadow, a shadow in the moonlight. Pam pay pangqw ~t angqw hìisavo maqaptsi’yta. He was waiting awhile in the shade from the moonlight. — Tooki suyan muytalqw nu’ waymaqe ~ ‘yta. Last night when it was bright moonlight I was out walking around with a shadow from the moonlight. — ~‘ytaqal ep tu’alangw qatu. In the shade from the moonlight the apparition was sitting. muy-klisi [moon-shadow]

muytala n.sg. moonlight, ~t tutumayt qa hàalayya. The night suitors don’t like the moonlight (because it makes it easy to reveal one’s identity).


na’uykongya(‘at) n.sg.poss. (her) extramarital male lover. ~y aw qöyavurta. She kept looking at her extramarital lover from the comer of her eyes. — Pam yaw put ~ ‘yta. They say she has him as an extramarital lover. na’uy-kongy-‘at [secret-husband-3P]

na’uy | kuyta (~kuuyungwa) vi.i. be looking in or out in a clandestine manner. Put maanat aqw ~kuyta. He’s looking secretly into (where the) girl is. na’uy-kuy-ta [secret-msnifest-DUR]

na’uyngemin | ta(~tota) vt.i. be secretly invhing to come along. Pam put ~ta. “Um inumum puwni.” He’s secretly inviting her to come along, “Come sleep with me.” na’uy-ngemin-ta [secret-ask-along-REP]

naahùuya | qa (~yaqam) n. prostitute (in the Anglo world). I’sonewmananiikyangw okiw ~qa. This girl is very beautiful, but the poor thing is a prostitute, naa-hùuya-qa [REFL-be:trading-REL]

naangu’ana (~ya) vt.p. marry two people, conduct a non-traditional marriage ceremony. Nu’ imuy ~. I married this couple. naangu’a-na [marry-CAUS]

naapowaq | lawu (~lalwa) vr.i. claim to be a sorcerer. Pam pay naap ~lawngwu. He himself professes to be a sorcerer. naa-powaq-lawu [REFL-sorcerer-CONT]

naatsoviw (paus. ~u) ns.g. sexual intercourse. ~ kwangwa’ew. Sex sure is fun. — Hehey’am pas naat ~uy pìsoqyaqe qa unàngwtalya. Because the Heheya [kachinasj were still occupied with sex, they were lost in excitement. — ~uysaya. They were engrossed in sex. naa-tsov-iw [REFL-copulate-ABSTR]

naatsönaw (paus. ~u) n.sg. adulterous behavior. ~qa nukngwa. Adultery is not good. — Punui yaw pep it ~uy tumala’yyùngqe qa unàngwtalya. Since they were engaged in free illicit sex with each other’s spouses they were going wild. naa-tsöna’w [REFL-adulterous-wu]

naayö’ma (~ya) vi.p. have been to vomit, return from having vomited. Tsuutsu’t tiitso’naye’ ~y at pu’ noonovang’wu. When the Tsu’ dancers conclude their dance and have returned from vomiting, then they eat. naayö’-ma [vomit-POSTG]

namiqhovi’y | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. have buttocks against each other, be angry (when in bed), be facing opposite directions lying in bed. Puma naami hìntiqe oovi ~ta. They are at odds with each other so they’re in bed facing opposite directions. nami-q-hovi- ‘y-ta [together-EX-buttocks-POSS-DUR] Syn. namiqkuri’yta.

napwàliw (paus. ~u) ns.g. abstinence ~pas qa nukngwa. Abstinence is no fun. — ~uy ep a’ni hintoti. They had a grave incident during a fast. napwal-iw [absbain-ABSTR] Syn. napwalni.

natsop’ö’qal | a (~ya) vr.des.i. be urging another to have sex with oneself. Put nööma’at put aw naap ~a. His wife was herself urging him for sex. — Son uumi qa ~ni. He will no doubt urge you to have sex with him. na-tsop-‘ö’-qala [REFL-copulate-RDP-strength]

natsop’öqàl | ti (~toti) vr.des.p. urge another to have sex with oneself. Put nööma’atput aw ~tiqw pu’ pay yaw pam put nakwhanaqe pu’ pam yaw oovi put tsoova. When his wife urged him for sex he consented to it, so he had sex with her. na-tsop-‘öqalti [REFL-copulate-urge]

natsop | hoya (~hàoyam) n. one who likes to have intercourse, one intemperate in coitus. Pas puma pepeq mamant ~hàoyamu. Those girls there like to have sex often. na-tsop-hoya [REFL-copulate-DIM]

natsopqatsi n.sg. life of promiscuity. Pu’ pay kitsokinamt ~’yungqw oovi tsaatsayom mamant nönö’yilya. Now that life in the villages is promiscuous, young girls are getting pregnant. natsop’qatsi [intercourse-life]

natsop | sona (~sosont) n. one who has excessive sexual desires. Urn himu pas okiw ~sona. You’re one that is such a sex craver. na-tsop-sona [REFL-copulate-craver]

natsoptuwi’y | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. be good in intercourse. Pahànkwasa ‘ytaqa qa talviningwu; piw qa ~tangwu. The one wearing the Anglo dress is not smooth, and she’s not good at sex (one of two clown-visitor women), na-tsop-tum-‘y-ta [REFL-copuIate-practical:knowledge-POSS-DUR]

natsopviw | a (-ya) vi.p. lose interest in having intercourse. Wuyòototiqe pay ~ya. They lost interest in sex because they got old. na-tsop-viwa [REFL-copulate-fade:away]

natsopyuku vi.p.dl. finish sexual intercourse. na-tsop-yuku [REFL-copulate-make/finish]

Nayöngöptum(a)si n.sg. spiritual mother of all wild (non-human) creatures. nayöngöp-tum(a)si [produce-clanswoman] Var. Nayengeptumsi

nö’yila (~ya) vt.p. impregnate. Nu’ put ~. I got her pregnant. nö-yi-l-a [fetus-ST-CAUS]

nöömamu’y | ta (~yungwa) vn.t. have mistresses. Pam naanaqle’ ~ta. He has mistresses all around. — Qahoptàataqt angqe’ ~yungwa. The no-good men have mistresses all over nööma-mu-‘y-ta [wife-NSG-POSS-DUR]

nukpanwùutaqa ns.g. misbehaving one, naughty one (a joking reference to a male of any age). Um himu ~. You’re a naughty old man nukpan-wùutaqa [evil-old:man]

nuksiw-hoya (nuunuksihooyam, acc. nuunuksiwhoymuy) n. wimp Pam tiyòoya wi’ytaqe oovi ~hoya. That little boy is fat, that’s why he’s a wimp. nuksiw-hoya [wimp-DIM]

nuvö (nunvöt, acc. ~y) n. flirtatious or lusty one, one who is preoccupied with sex. Pas pam maana ~. That girl is flirtatious. — Hak oovi haak qa pas núvoningwu. So one should wait before getting preoccupied with sex. — Pay y aw pam put tuwa naatyawpan pas núvoysaniqw. She saw him while he was still bent upon his preoccupation with sex. — Wuyöotikyangw naat ~. As he got old he was still preoccupied with sex.

nuvö’iwnum | a (~ya) vi.i. go around flirting. Pu’ pumuy tàataqtuy pi pay amúngk ~ngwu. Then she goes around among men flirting, nuvö-‘iw-numa [lusty-ST-CIRCG]

nuvö’iw | ta (~yungwa) vi.des.i. be flirting with or lusting after. Pam inumi ~ta. He’s flirting with me. — Tsutskut pumuy tuwat pay amumi ~yungwa. The clowns are [feigning their] lusting toward them. nuvö-‘iw-ta [lusty-ST-DUR]

nuvö’naingway n.sg.poss.acc. lecherous attitude, lust in one’s heart. ~ akw qa pasminingwu. Because of his lecherous attitude he doesn’t usually go to the field, nuvö-‘nangwa-y [lusty-heart-ACC]

nuvö’nàngw | ti (~toti) vi.p. get a desire for another, get attracted to another. Punw naami ~ti. They got attracted to each other, nuvö-nàngw-ti [lusty-heart-R]

nuvö’vo’y | ta (~yungwa) vi.i 1. have lusting eyes. Pas pam ~ta; pas maanat siskwangwu. He has such lusting eyes; he can (mentally) undress a girl. 2. be wearing dark glasses (to let the eyes roam). Ngaspi um ~ta. I envy you for your dark glasses (to let your eyes roam), nuvö-vo-‘y-ta [lusty-eye-POSS-DUR]

nuvöhin | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. be kind of lecherous. Mi’ taaqa pay pas himu ~ta; son wùutit aw qa hingqawngwu. That man is kind of lecherous: he always says something to a woman, nuvö-hin-ta [lusty-how-DUR]

nuvöhin | ti (~toti) vi.p. 1. do s.th. flirtatious. Pas nu’ ~tiqe momoymuy wuuwankyangw naawusi. I did something flirtatious; since I was thinking about women, I combed my hair. 2. (des.) flirt with. Hakiy aw qa ~tingwu. Don’t flirt with anyone. nuvö-hin-ti [lusty-how-R]

nuvöhin | tsaki (~tsatskya) vi.i. be doing s.th. in a flirting way. Pam maanat qàasiyat ang nwpntaqe ~tsaki. When he was stroking the girl’s thigh he was doing it in a flirting way. nuvö-hin-tsaki [lusty-how-be:doing]

nuvö | nakwatsim (~nanakwatsim) n.dl. mutual lusty friends. Uma hiitu ~nakwatsim. You two are such lusty friends. nuvö-na-kwatsi-m [lusty-REFL-friend-NSG]

nuvö | sayti (dt. ~sayomti, pl. ~sasayomtoti) vi.p. reach the age at which one becomes interested in the opposite sex. Pay umpu’ ~sayti. You have reached the age to become interested in the opposite sex. nuvö-sa-y-ti [lusty-QNT-NOM-R]

nuvösohop’iw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. be actively pursuing girls or women. I’pay okiw pas bin ur ~ta. This one, poor thing, is very much after the girls, nuvö-sohop-‘iw-ta [lusty-skilled-ST-DUR]

nuvö | ti (~toti) vi.p. get lusty, horny. Pas qa haqawat aw ~ti. He didn’t get lusty toward any of them. nuvö-ti [lusty-R]

nuvöwúutaqan n.sg. lecherous male (of any age). Pam pas himu ~; hakiy awsa taytangwu. He’s such a lecherous man, all he does is stare at you. nuvö-wúutaqa [lusty-old:man]

nuvöwuwan | ta (~tota) vi.i. be thinking of lusting. Hakiy aw qa ~to. He wasn’t thinking of lusting after someone, nuvö-wuwan-ta [lusty-think-REP]

nuvöwuwuyom n.pl. lecherous old men (may be used in reference to males of any age). ~ piw pay hùuyankit lipaq yeese. The lecherous old men are sitting outside the store again today (on the lookout for women), nuvö-wu-wu-yo-m [lusty-RDP-old-NOM-NSG]

nuvöwya (nunuvöwyam) n. lecherous one. Pu’ yawpay piw hakim ~tmiqe pu’ hlitawat aw ngöytiwkyangw pay piw löwayat ngù ‘angwu. The two were also lecherous ones so that while they were playing chase (with the girls) they would touch the crotch of one of them. — Haqawat naat as tolimhöoyamniikyangw pay nunuvöwyam. There are some who are still young boys but are already lecherous. nuvö-wya [lusty-DlM]

nuwu(k-) (nùwuk.ya) vi.p. ejaculate. Pay piw naami ~; oovi ang qàrokiwta. It looks like he ejaculated on himself again; there it is dried stiff there. nuwu(-k-) [ejaculate(-SGL-)]

nùwuki n.sg. ejaculation, semen, sperm. ~y qa àngwu’ynunw. He’s having trouble controlling his ejaculation. nùwu-k-i [ejaculate-SGL-NR]


paakungya n.sg. wormwood, Artemisia glauca. paa-kungya [water-mountain:sagebrush]

paala | tatsiw (~tatatiswt; paus. ~u) n. dragonfly. paala-tatsi-w [moisture-shinny:ball(?)-wu] Syn sillatatsi.

paasi | völàngpu (~völàngpum) adj. sweaty, covered in sweat. Pam ~völàngpu. He’s covered in sweat. paasi-völàngpu [surface:moisture-globular:shaped:thing]

paatuwaqatsi n.sg. ocean, sea. ~ a’ni söykita. The ocean is making a big rushing water sound. — ~y yupqöyvaqe yesqam tuwat pas naap piw sinom. People living across the ocean are people of their own kind (foreign to us) paa-tuwaqatsi [water-world]

Palangw (paus. Pàlangwu) n.sg. a place near Chinle; cast of Hopi. Witches and sorcerers live or gather there, pala’ngw [red(?)-ngwu] Syn. Höpqovi.

palki (~ya; comb. -valki) vi./vt.p. get a craving or urge (for). Pay yaw piw iisaw ~. The coyote got a craving again. — Pas nu’ somivikit ~ngwu. I get a craving for somiviki. — Pas kur nu’ htita ~. I don’t know what I’m craving. — Um qa kaphevalki? Have you gotten an urge for coffee? — kwasivalki, get a craving for sex (with a man) — löwavalki, get a craving for sex (with a woman).

palkiwnum | a (~ya) vi./vt.i. go around craving. Iwuuti nuy maatapqw oovi pas nu’ ~a. Since my wife has left me I’m going around craving [sex]. palki-w-numa [crave-ST-CIRCG]

palkiw | ta (~ yungwa; comb. -valkiw | ta) vi./vt. i. have a craving, longing, urge for. Pay pi yaavoha-qamnìiqe pay yaw pam okiw ~ta; löwavalkiwta. Since he went far away, he had a craving, craving for sex with a woman. — Pas nu’ timayvalkiwta, pas nu’ wuuyavo qa tiimàyqe. I have the urge to go to a dance; I haven’t gone to see a dance in a long time. — Pas nu’ nöqvalkiwta. I am craving meat. palki-w-ta [crave-ST-DUR]

pamös’iw | ta (distrr. ~yungwa) vi.i.sg. be foggy. Uma pay pu’yanikyangw; naap hisat qaavo piw ~tani. You should go now; it might be foggy again tomorrow. — A’ni ~taqw oovi put kii’at qa pas maatsiwta. It is so foggy that her house is not visible. pamös-‘iw-ta [fog-ST-DUR]

pàtaspaqa n.sg. (derogatory term) one with matted pubic hair. Um ~. You’re one with matted pubic hair. pàta-sp-a(q)-qa [tangled-groin-EX-REL]

patsvu n.sg. earwax. Put naqvungaqw ~ ta-ngawta. He has ear wax in his ears.

piihu (comb. pii-, pi-, -vi-, -pihu, -vihu) n.sg. 1. (poss.) breast, teat, udder. ~y hòrokna. She took out her breast. — Uma moomoyam naap umùupihuy aw poptayani. You women should (keep) checking your own breasts. 2. milk. Pu’ yaw mapqölmiq ~y hìisaq kuuya. Then she poured a little of her milk into his palm.

piivots | a (~ya) vn./vt.p. 1. (vn.) express milk. Ipihu paas òopokqw oovi nu’ ~a. My breasts got full so I squeezed milk out. 2. (vt.) milk. Nu’ iwakasvòokoy ~a. I milked my cow. pii-votsa [milk-squeeze:out]

píkwiisowitsmi n.sg. phoebe or “Fu-Manchu” mustache, a sparse mustache that droops to the chin like that of the phoebe. Is uti, pavan pas um ~. My gosh, you really have a phoebe mustache píkwii-sowitsmi [phoebe-whiskers]

piskuyi n. 1. (sg.) head of the penis showing. 2. (~m) penis head, jerk. Um ~. You’re a penis head. pis-kuyi [glans.-penis-manifest] Syn. 2. pisqötö.

piskùyti vi.p. for the head of the penis to become visible, the foreskin to get pulled back. Tiyòoya kwasiy aw hohonaqqe pay ~ . The little boy was playing around with his penis and pulled back the foreskin so as to uncover the tip. pis-kùy-ti [glans: penis-manifest-R]

pitve n.sg. queen in a deck of cards. Nanavö’pit ep naalöyom ~ningwu. There are four queens in a deck of playing cards.

piviskuy | i (~ya) vt.i. be masturbating, pulling back the foreskin of the penis. Paapu qa ~i! Don’t be pulling the foreskin back. pi-vis-kuyi [RDP-glans:penis-manifest]

piwlala (~t) n. one with pendulous, sagging breasts. Wukovihu’ytaqe oovi ~. She has large breasts, that’s why she’s one with sagging breasts. pi-wla-la [breast-hang:freely-RDP]

pó’okiw | ma (~ wisa; comb. -vo’okiw | ma) vi.i. go along bent over with the buttocks sticking out, esp. casually or momentarily. Pam so’wùuti okiw ~ma. That poor old woman is going along with her buttocks sticking out. [bend:over-SGL-ST-PROG]

pongni(‘at) (comb. pongn-) n.sg.poss. sphincter muscle (in the rectum). Kawayot ~ ‘at susmataq. A horse’s sphincter muscle is conspicuous, pong`ni-‘at [form:circle-NR-3P]

poongo (poovongkt) n. 1. male whose foreskin does not cover the glans penis. 2. circumcised male. ltiyo qa himuwa ~ . Not one of my sons is circumcised. Cf. pongo(k-), encircle, form a circle.

povos | lawu (~lalwa) vi.i. keep practicing shamanism. Pamput aw ~lawu. He kept on with his shaman ritual for her there. po-vos-lawu [RDP-eye-CONT]

povos | qa (~yaqam) n. shaman who diagnoses and cures the cause of illnesses, crystal-gazer. ~qat aw hin’ur hepyangwu; oovi pu’ pay qa hisat hak pantsaki. They test (potential) shamans hard, so nowadays no one does that anymore, po-vos-qa [RDP-eye-REL] Cf. poswimkya, member of the Shaman society. Syn. poosi’ytaqa.

povowaq | a (~ya) vi./vt.i. 1. be practicing sorcery. Haqam hopqöyveq pi yaw ~yangwu. They say they practice sorcery somewhere in the northeast. 2. be doing something magical for an audience. Sinmuy aw kyaatatàypit ~a. He’s showing people (the audience) something fascinating (as if by magic), po-vowaqa [RDP-sorcerer] Cf. powaqa: 1. (adj.) ingenious; 2. (n.) sorcerer, wizard.

povowaqma (~ya) vi.p. have been to practice sorcery (or some secret activity). Nu’ tooki nuutum ~. I went to a gathering last night, and I can’t say what it was about. po-vowaq-ma [RDP-sorcerer-POSTG]

povowaq | to (~wisa) vi.i. go to practice sorcery. Pamkoongya’at pan nu’ansana, pam ~togw. Her husband caught her at going to practice sorcery that way. po-vowaq-to [RDP-sorcerer-PREG]

powaqa (popwaqt) adj./n. 1. (n.) sorcerer, wizard; member of a society believed to operate from Palangw or Höpqoyvi. Some say popwaqt practice the art of stealing the hearts of others to prolong their own lives. ~ pay neengem qatsiy wuplawngwu. The sorcerer keeps prolonging his own life. — Puma popwaqt so’pum pangqe’ pòotangw’iwta. Those dead sorcerers were scattered about along there. —Um ~ntiqe oovi pas qa hìngqawu. You’re a sorcerer. that’s why you didn’t say anything (when confronted with it). 2. (adj.) ingenious. Pahaana ~nliqe oovi naala hiihlita ang nukwangwhinma. The Anglo is ingenious, that’s why he alone is fortunate in doing many things well. 3. (n.sg.) sorcery, magical power. Tiyo ~t naawakna. The boy wants magical power. — Pam as qa hisat sinmuy put ~y akw yuuyùyna. He has never bothered people with his sorcery. powa-qa [transform-REL](?) Cf. povowaqa, be practicing sorcery.

powaq | hamana (~hahamant) n. one who is afraid of being accused of being a sorcerer. Pahaana pi qa ~hamananliqe oovi qa hakiy màmqaskyangw hiihiita hintsaki. Since the Anglo is not afraid of being accused as a sorcerer, he’s not afraid of anyone and does all kinds of things. powaq-hamana [sorcerer-embarrassed]

powaqhin | tsaki (~tsatskya; comb. ~tsak-) vt.i. be doing something like sorcery. Taaqa it wùutit panhaqam ~tsakqw pay pam okiw put aw naakuwàati. When the man was doing something like sorcery to the woman, the poor thing gave herself to him. powaq-hin-tsaki [sorcerer-tow-be: doing]

powaqki (postp. ~ve(q), -mi(q), -ngaqw) n.sg. 1. home of the sorcerers (at Palangw). Hak hakiy akw qatsiy wuptamk(t) pu’ kya pi put antsa unangwhoroknangwu. Nen pu’put ~miqhaqami yawniangwu. If one wants to extend his life by using someone, I guess he takes his heart out. Then he takes it somewhere to the home of the sorcerers. 2. (cap.) a mythical place (usually located in the area of Höpqoyveq—perhaps Chaco Canyon) where a marvelous building was constructed. (The powaqam “sorcerers, wizards” of Höpqoyveq are so called because they were master builders, not because of any supernatural powers attributed to them.) powaq-ki [sorcerer-house]

powaqkiv | a (postp. ~àape, ~ami, ~angaqw) n.sg. kiva belonging to sorcerers, located in the northeast (hopqöyveq). ~a yaw Pàlangwuy epeq. They say the sorcerers’ kiva is over at Pàlangwu. powaq-kiva [sorcerer-kiva]

powaq | mongwi (~momngwit) n. leader of the sorcerers in their activity, ~mongwi naala qa htntingwu. The leader of the sorcerers is the only one to whom nothing (bad) happens. (He escapes the consequences that may fall onto his charge; he knows how not to get caught but his followers may not.) powaq-mongwi [sorcerer-leader]

powaqngu’a (~ya) vt.p. catch doing sorcery. Hakiy ~. He caught someone doing sorcery. powaq-ngu’a [sorcerer-grab]

powaqsasvi (~ya) vn.p. name, label as a sorcerer. I’Hopi it angwusit ~ngwu. The Hopi has labeled the crow as a sorcerer. — Pam hakiy a’ni ~ngwu. He gives you a name as a sorcerer. powaq-sa-svi [sorcerer-RDP-strike]

powaqtungwa vt.p. give a sorcerer name. Antsa kya pi piw hak hiita na ‘yvaqw pu’ pam hakiy son qa tungwangwu; hakiy ~ngwu. I guess when you take on something (an animal totem) as a [sponsoring] father (if you want to be initiated as a sorcerer), then it probably gives you a name; it gives you a sorcerer name. powaq-tungwa [sorcerer-name]

powaq | tuwutsi (~tutuwutsi) n. sorcery story. Tuuwutsit ang popwaqt tangawtaqe oovi ~tuwutsi. Since there are sorcerers in the story, it’s a sorcery story, powaq-tuwutsi [sorcerer-story]

powaqvak | i vn.p.sg. get initiated into the Sorcery society. Itàaso pas hiihlita tum’ytaqe pay as hisat kya pam ~t pas qa naawakna. Our grandmother knows about so many things that perhaps in the old days she may have gotten initiated into the Sorcery society, but she won’t admit it. powaq-vaki [sorcerer-enter(SG)] Cf. pl. powaqyungya.

powawi n.sg. various plants in the eriogonum family used as medicine for menstrual pain. Pam inungem ~t kiva. She brought me some eriogonum.

pöna’aw | hoya (~hòoyam) n. (fem.spkr.) one who is always talking about one’s popularity with the opposite sex. Pas pam himu ~hoya; panis mamantuy yu a’atangwu. He’s quite the one to talk about his conquests; girls are all he talks about. pöna-‘aw-hoya [cholla-tell-DIM]

pöna awi (pövöna’awt) n. (fem.spkr.) one who brags about one’s popularity with the opposite sex. Pam ~ niqe oovi momoymuysa yu fa fatangwu. He’s one who likes to brag about the opposite sex, that’s why he only talks about women, pöna-‘awi [cholla-tell]

pövösya vi.i.pl. be having a sexual orgy under the guise of religious sanction. Tuptsiwni’yyungqam mihikqw ~ngwu, yawi’. The believers would be mousing around at night they say. pö-vös-ya [RDP-mouse-PL]

pukumna (~ya) vl.p.pl.obj. deflower. I’tiyo itimuy màinanluy sòosokmuy ~. This boy deflowered all of our daughters. puku-m-na [open:seal-AUG-CAUS] Cf. sg.obj. pùukukna

pungukmpi n.sg. spur(s). Pamwa wùuti it ~t ang pakiwta. That other woman was wearing spurs. pungu-k-in-pi [nudge-SGL-CAUS-INSTR]

putskwanàl | ti (~toti) vi.p. spread the legs apart. Yan um aw naawaknat, paas urn yukut pu’ um mongaqw ùukwasay hölöknat pu’ aw ~tini. Pray to it this way, then after you finish, you pull up the front part of your dress and spread your legs. puts-kwanà-l-ti [wide-split-ST-R]

pùukukna (~ya) vt.p.sg.obj. to deflower a virgin; to be the first to have sexual intercourse with a woman. Nu’ pas put naap ~. I deflowered her myself. pùuku-k-na [open:seal-SGL-CAUS]

pùwtaptinum | a vi.i.sg. go around sleeping here and there, spending the nights in various places. Pu’ pam soq pang piw imuy tàataqtuy nöömamu ‘yyùngqamuy amumum ~ngwu. She’s just going around sleeping here and there with men who are married, pùw-tap-t-inuma [sleep(SG)-intermittent-REP-CIRCG] Var. pùwtapnuma. Cf. pl. toktaptmumya, tòotoktaptinumya


qahop | mosa (~momost) n. naughty cat. ~ mosa pay piw wuptapnuma. The naughty cat is climbing over things again. qahop-mosa [misbehaving-cat]

qaqsi’ynum | a (~ya) vn.i. go around with thighs peeking out from under the dress. Susmataq ~a. She’s going around with the thighs openly showing from under her dress. — Mamant ~ya. The girls are going around with the thighs peeking out from under their dresses. qa-qsi-‘y-numa [RDP-thigh-POSS-CIRCG]

qaymo’a’yva (~ya) vn.p. get severely chapped lips. Pas nu’ hìntiqe ~. Something happened to me such that I got chapped lips. qaymo-‘a-‘y-va [chapped: lips-POSS-INGR]


rùupakna (~ya) vt.p.sg.obj. unbuttoned, unbuckled. Pu’ it yuk kwasay yan ~. Then she undid her dress this way to here. rùupa-k-na [slip—SGL-CAUS]


sakwatsmok’iw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. have itching in the anus. Nöqsosont ~ yungwa. People who eat too much have an itching in the anus. sakwats-mok-‘iw-ta [(?)bundle-ST-DUR]

salày | ti (~toti) vi.pc.tp. become gratified, fulfilled, pleased by/from; joyful over good luck. Pam wùutit ep ~ti. He got sexual pleasure from the woman. salày-ti [pleased-R]

sàsay | i (~ya) vi.i. be smiling repeatedly, as while flirting. Maana inumi ~i. The maiden was flirting with me. — Yang tootimuy amùupa um ~ni You will be flirting with the boys around here. sà-sayi [RDP-smile] Cf. sayta, be smiling (continuously)

-sasha n. calves (of the leg) (with modifier). tukyavon~, one with pronounced or shapely calves wuko~, one with big calves — Is eq, ayàm maana pavan loma~. Gosh, the girl over there is “nicely calved.” sa-sha [-RDP-calf]

siip | aq (sip-kye’ (~kyaqe), ~oq, ~aqw; comb. (-)sip-, -spa-) postp. in the crotch, groin. Isipaq tuutuya. It’s hurting in my groin. — Pumuy sipkye’, kuriva sootannumyangwu. They would go around poking them in the crotch and buttocks. — Put sipkyaqe mapritota. They (clowns) were rubbing her in the crotch. — Put ~aqw himu òopokiwta. There’s something bulging out from his crotch. siip-aq [groin-EX]

siisiwatwam(at) n.pl.poss. many different boyfriends; distr. of siwatwa(‘at). Pas imana himu ~u’yta. My daughter has many different boyfriends, sii-siwatwa-m-at [RDP-boyfriend-NSG-3P]

siisiwatwasa (paus. ~’) adj. rich in boyfriends. Imanapas himu ~ ‘. My daughter [has] nothing but boyfriends, sii-siwatwa-sa [RDP-boyfriend-only]

sikingw’i (sisikingw’im) n. (slang) one who fans frequently. ~ pas qa nànahinkinakyangw siktangwu. A habitual farter without any shame. — Pas um himu ~. You’re such a farting person. siki-ngw’i [fan-NR]

sisi’itsil | ti (~titi) vi.p. get an urinary infection (unable to pass water). sisi-‘its-il-ti [urine-close(?)-PASS-R]

sisilöwa n.sg. one with urine on the vulva (a teasing word). Um himu ~.My! You sure have a smelly vagina (from urine). sisi’-löwa [urine-vagina]

sisilöw | hoya (~hòoyam) n. little one with urine on the vulva (implies, of a female, “not grown up yet”). Um himu ~hoya. You’re just a little one with urine on her vulva (yet), sisi’-löw-hoya [urine-DIM]

sisipoqtatayna (~ya) vt.i. be looking up a woman’s dress. Uma qa nuy ~yani. Don’t be looking up under my dress. — Qa pep pop’ola ‘a; ung ~ya. Don’t be bending over there; they’re looking up your dress, si-sip-o-q-ta-tay-na [RDP-groin-DES-EX-RDP-look-CAUS]

sisiyaqa (~t) n. 1. nose with urine on it. Put tsivaatotyaqayataw sisiwkuk.yangwuniqw oovi pam ~ ‘yta. They (female goats) urinate on the billy goat’s nose, that’s why its nose has urine on it. 2. rutting animal. 3. (met.) a young man who becomes aware of his sexuality and begins to desire the company of young women. Um okiw himu ~. Poor you, you’re like a buck chasing women. sisi-yaqa [urine-nose]

siskwa (~ya) undress, remove clothing in an erotic manner. Pas pam nuvo’vo ‘yta; pas maanat ~ngwa. He has such lusting eyes; he can (mentally) undress a girl. si-skwa [RDP-skin]

Siwahop’owa (acc.) ns.g. bachelor’s stone pile near Oraibi, a place with stacked-up rocks near Pöqang.wawarpi. When a bachelor is too old to get married he carries a rock there. Tiyo qa hisat nöömate’ -t awnen ep wuko’wat tsööpaatat pu’ sukw atsmiq tsókyangwu. Pu’ pàngqawngwu, “Yan nu’ a’ni hongviniqw qa hak nuy naawakna.” If a young man never marries, he goes to Siwahop’owa and lifts a big rock to put on top of another one. Then he says, “This is how strong I am and no one loves me.”

siwahop | mana (di. ~mant or ~manat, acc. ~mantuy or ~manatuy; pl. ~mamant, acc. ~mamantuy) n. woman who never marries, spinster of long standing. Hopqöyve ~mana yumuy amumum naat ki’yta. On the northeast side, the unmarried lady is still living with her parents. siwahop-mana [bachelor-maiden]

siwahop | ta (~tota) vt.p. cause another to be unable to get a wife by urinating on him, according to folk belief. Tawvaya nuy ~taqw oovi qa hak inumi sùutaq’ewa. Tawvaya has urinated on me so I can’t get a wife, that’s why no one is willing to accept me. siwahop’ta [bachelor-CAUS]

siwahop | tiyo (~totim) n. bachelor of long standing. Suukya ~tiyo Kuqötsmoveq pas sùhimu. One of the bachelors at Kykotsmovi is handsome. swahop’tiyo [bachelor-boy]

sìwkutuki ns.g. sauteed onions. Nu’ qa hisat ~t angqaw yuku. I’ve never tasted sauteed onions. sìw-kutuki [onion-parched/fried]

sootan | ta (~tota; comb. sootan-, (-)sotan-, -stan-, -sotan|ta) (vr.) be having intercourse with a woman. Pam naat pay tsaynìiqe sumataq momoymuy sutsep ~ta. He is still young, so I think he’s having intercourse with the women a lot. sootan-ta [poke-REP]

sotsapmu’a (~ya) vt.p. put a hex or curse on someone with a magical object. (Literally, shoot someone with a shell. A powaqa does it to cause sickness in a person.) Pam nuy ~. He hexed me with a shell [that is believed to have evil power to cause sickness]. — A’ni wartaqat ~yaqw pam tsaqtukqe qa tuuwiiki. They put a curse on the fast runner and he got cramps, thereby not outrunning the others, sotsap-mu’a [shell-shoot]

sotsapmu’iw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. be hexed with a shell (having evil power). Pu’ ~ta, himuwa. Then one of them was hexed with a shell, sotsap-mu’-iw-ta [shell-shoot-PASS-DUR]

sulakhayi n.sg. one with a little penis, a term used to make fun. su-lak-hay-i [INTNS-dry-hang-NR]

sulakhayiw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. (of the penis) be dangling in a puny way, have a small penis. Kwasi’at ~ta. His penis is hanging puny. su-lak-hay-iw-ta [INTNS-dry-hang-PASS-DUR]

sumashay | ta (~yungwa) vn.i. be sexually inactive (re a male), lit. have the penis just hanging. Paas wuyòotiqe okiw paapu ~ta. He’s become so completely old, the poor guy has it just hanging nowadays, su-mas-hay-ta [INTNS-corpse-hang-DUR]

sununöma n.sg. wife to many, promiscuous woman. Itàamo’wi okiw ~. Our poor mö’wi is a wife to many. — Put pay tàataqt ~ ‘yyungwa. The men have her as a common wife (lover). — Puma pay ~ ‘yta. They (two) have a comnion wife. sumi-nöma [together-wife]

sunattoyna (~ya) vt.p. help a woman who has recently given birth observe the twenty-day puerperal ritual, from the birth of a child to its naming. Tiiqatsqw hakiy ~yangwu. When one gives birth, they do the puerpal ritual for her. sunat-to’yna [twenty-CAUS-CAUS]

supakoyma(k-) vi.p.sg. experience hemorrhoids. Pam yaw okiw ~kqe teevep qa kwang’whinta. The poor thing suddenly had hemorrhoids flare up and he hasn’t been feeling good all day. su-pako-ynia(-k-) (INTNS-colon-exit(SG)(-SGL-)]

supyakin | ta (~tota) vi.i. be exposing oneself by bending over or pulling up the bottom of a skirt or kilt. I’powaqa oo’omawtuy amumi ~ta, qa yokvaniqw oovi. This sorcerer does the act of exposing his/her private parts to the clouds because he/she doesn’t want it to rain. su’pya-k-in-ta [INTNS-open:out-SGL-CAUS-REP]

supyakna (~ya) vi.p. display or expose oneself by bending over or pulling up the bottom of a skirt or kilt. Mi’ maana hlita ep tönökqe sup’òltiqe itamumiq ~. When that girl stubbed her toe on something she bent down quickly and gave us a quick display, su’pya-k’na [INTNS-open:out-SGL-CAUS]

suqömsolaawa (~m) n. Black soldier, esp. used in reference to the “Buffalo Soldiers” from the early 1900’s. ~m yaw hisat Orayve ökiiqe tsaatsakwmuy Pongsikiniq tutuqaykimiq tsama. They say a long time ago the BufTalo Soldiers came to Oraibi to take children to school at Keams Canyon. suqöm-solaawa [black-soldier]

surukaphe n.sg. weak coffee. Hak kaphet ruurumne’ pay nawus ~t huhtkngwu. If you get short of coffee, you have to drink weak coffee, suru-kaphe [tail-coffee]

sus’itsvahaana(~m) n. Anglo who is always in the way. This word probably comes from a period when Anglos were aggressively prying into Hopi culture without regard for privacy in certain matters, doing a lot of documentation and interrupting the customary activities. ~ pay piw pangqaqw wayma. The Anglo who is always in the way is walking from there, sus’its-vahaana [in:the:way-Anglo]

susqahop | i (~ìit) adj. the naughtiest. Pumuy maana’ampas ~i. Their daughter is the naughtiest. sus-qa-hopi [SUPER-not-mannered/civilized]


Taalawsohu ns.g. Morning Star, Venus. Ayamhaqam ~ niqw nu’ pitu. The Morning Star was about there when I arrived. — Ason nu’ ~t yamakqw nakwsuni. I’ll start out when the Morning Star has risen. — Su’aw ~t maatsìltiniqw hakim yukuyangwu. Just when the Morning Star was about to become visible we would finish. taalaw-sohu [light-star]

tàatapna (~ya) vt.i.sg.obj. be taking off of another. Pam pu’ pay lomuyat ~. Then he was taking off her underpants. tàatap-na [be:putting(SG: OBJ)-CAUS]

tangaq.wunukwita(‘at) – n.sg. “rainbow excrement,” a substance that looks like chicken droppings and found adhering to surface of rock, believed to have been caused by lightning. Nu’ qa suus ~ ~yat haqam qàapukna. I more than once pried back the “rainbow excrement.” Tangaq.wunu haqam yaw owat aw siisiqw put pangqaq.wangwu, “~.” It’s said that when the rainbow defecates on a rock they call it “rainbow excrement.” tangaq.wunu-t kwita-‘at [rainbow-ACC excrement-3P] Var. tangaqkwita.

tarukiw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i.. have an erection of the penis. Pay hìntiqw pi ephaqam tiposi, tiyòoya, ~ tangwu. I don’t know for what reason a baby boy sometimes has an erection. tàru-k-iw-ta [rigidly: erect-SGL-ST-DUR] Var. taaruwta. Syn. mùusiwta.

tàrukna (~ya) vi.p. get an erection. Pas nu’ panis taatayt pay ~. The minute I woke up I got an erection, tàru-k-na [rigidly :erect-SGL-CAUS]

tàrukni’y | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. have an erection. Wuyniikyangw naat ~tangwu. Even in old age he still has (gets) an erection. taru-k-n-i-‘y-ta [rigidly: erect-SGL-CAUS-NR-POSS-DUR] Syn. Tòvokni’yta.

tay | ta (taayungwa or ~yungwa; comb (-)tay(-) vt./vt.i. Be looking at, watching. ~ pas naaroyanma ispi suyan angk taayyungqw oovi’o. She is walking with swaying hips because she knows they are watching her. tay-ta [look-DUR] Cf. p. taatayi.

ti’yva (~ya) vn.p. come to have a child. Naat tsay maananikyangw pay kur ~. She is still a young girl but she has come to have a child. ti-‘y-va [child-POSS-INGR] Cf. timu’-va. come to have children.

Tiikuywùuti n.sg. The spiritual mother of all game animals; a female spirit that sexually possesses men in their sleep or out in the wild. She “fertilizes” the man to make him a skilled hunter. She is said to be able to make a sterile man who seeks her medicine capable of fathering a child. Hakiy ~ tsopqw yaw hak màakyaningwu, maksohovuningwu. When Tiikuywùuti copulates with someone he hunts successfully, as an instinctive hunter. – ~ pas yaw qa tilta. they say there is nothing that Tiikuywùuti did not give birth to. tii-kuy-wùuti [child-manifest-woman]

tiikya (comb. tikya-) n. (anim., pl. tiikyam) one who moves well, good dancer, good runner, responsive sex partner. – Pam wùuti pas ~. That woman is a responsive lover. tii-kya [dance-NR]

tiimay | i (tiitimayya; comb. timay-, -timay-, timayi; plr. -titimayya) vt./vt.i. 1. be watching for the sake of pleasure, esp. dance. – Hiisa’ nìiqam tiitimayya? How many are watching the performance? 2. be witnessing, observing. Pangqw nuvöwuutaqa put ~i. The dirty old man is watching her from there. tii-mayi [dance-watch]

tìiqats | wùuti (~momoyam) n. a woman going through purification period after childbirth. Pam pu’ ~wùuti suukw talni’yta. That woman is going through postpartum purification has now finished one day (out of twenty). tìiqats-wùuti [puer-peral-woman]

tìita | tuhikya (~tutuhikt) n. midwife. Pam Hotvèlpe wùuti ~tuhikyaniiqe pay kiivuyat hòroknangwu. That lady there from Hoteville who’s a midwife takes out the afterbirth. tìi-ta-tuhikya [child-CAUS-healer]

tipkya(‘at) (postp. ~veq, ~miq, ~ngaqw) n.sg.poss. womb, uterus. ~yat hòrokna, perform a hysterectomy, remove the uterus – Kur ùu ~ siro. Your uterus has apparently fallen. ti-pky-a-‘at [child-area-3P]

tipkyanga n.sg. contraceptive medicine. Mi’ wùuti ~t naami ngahutage oovi qa tilawu. That woman has taken contraceptives so she’s not having children. tipkya-nga [procreative:area-medicine]

tipkyati | ma (~wisa) vi.i. go along visiting places that are designated symbolically as places of procreation. Pongoktsina timu wkkyangw ~ma. The Pongo kachina takes his children along as he goes visiting procreation places. tipkya-t-ima [procreative:area-CAUS(?)-PROG]

tipkya | tuhikya (~tutuhikt) n. a traditional specialist (usually a woman) in ailments of the uterus. tipkya-tuhikya [procreative:area-healer]

tipos | tu’ami (~tutu’ami) n. baby’s grave. Hopit hisattuwiyat ep ~ tu’ami pay owatpelat ep siisikve nöömiwkyangw tsúrukiwtangw. According to traditional Hopi practice, the grave of a baby (less than twenty days old) is a crevice in the rock wall, holding it all wrapped up. tipos-tu’ami [infant-ash]

titap-‘api’iwa | ta (~yungwa) vi./vt.i. make oneself useful by babysitting. Hak so amnen kwa’amnen pay momuysa ~tanwu. If you’re a grandmother or grandfather, all you do is make yourself useful by babysitting your grandchildren. titap-‘api-‘iwa-ta [babysit-useful-ST-DUR]

tiwiwi | ta (distr.~tota) vi.i.sg. be dripping, be coming out in drops – Pu’ put angqw put piihu’at ~ta. Her milk was dripping from her (breasts). tiwi-wi-ta [drip-RDP-REP(PF)]

tiyo | sona (~sosont) n. a girl who is boy-crazy. Pas as i’ hak naat manàwyaniikyangw ~sona. This one is still a little girl but she is boy-crazy. tiyo-sona [boy-craver]

toko (comb. tokoo-, -tok-, -tko(-)) n. body. Pu’ piwit ~t kwangwa ‘yniqey naawakne ‘ pay son piw qee’. And again, if one wants to covet the flesh one probably can.

tóngokni’y | ma (~wisa) vt.i. go along keep in contact with. Siwatway amum tsokiwmaqe pas qaasiy aw ~ma. As the girl and her boyfriend went riding along they kept their thighs touching each other. tóngo-k-n-i-‘y-ma [touch-SGL-CAU-NR-POSS-PROG]

tóvokni’y | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. Have an erection. Wùutaqa qa öqalaniikyangw ~ta. The old man is not as strong as he used to be, but still has an erection. tóvo-k-n-i-‘y-ta [get:tight:SGL-CAUS-NR-POSS-DUR] Syn. tàrukni’yta, muusiwta.

töqööhovi n.sg. (person with) dipped-in, pushed-in or shriveled buttocks. Hisat itutuqaysungwa sùukya ~ningwu; “Yomikni,” yan hakim put tuwi’yyungngwu. Long ago one of my schoolmates had pushed-in buttocks; we would call him “Pelvis Thrust.” töqöö-hovi [dry:up-buttocks]

tsats’ortuya n.sg. syphilis. Pu’ it ~t aw pitu. The time came for this syphilis disease (to be suffered). tsats’or-tuya [syphilis-disease]

tsava | wuuti (-momoyam) n. short woman. ~wùuti pas su’àasavàwya. The short woman is just the right height. tsava-wùuti [short-woman]

Tsèhootso – Window Rock, AZ

Tespén n.sg. Japan. Haqawat Hopìt naaqöytawisqe nùutum ~ tuwitota. When some of the Hopis went to war, they got to see Japan with the others. [Eng Japan]

Tsepensin | o (~om; acc.pl. ~muy) n. Japanese person, tsepen-sino [Japan-person]

tsivaato (~m; acc.pl, ~muy) n. 1. male goat, billy goat. ~wukolöhvuningwu. A billy goat normally has big testicles. 2. (met.) womanizer. Nuvösaytiqe oovi pu’ pas ~. Since he got old enough to be interested in the opposite sex he’s really a billy goat (womanizer) now. [Sp chivato] Syn. Kapirtaqa.

tsokkuri n.sg. (one that has) wrinkled, shriveled buttocks (usu. from malnourishment). Pam as wìitat lakqe okiw ~. She was fat then got skinny, so now she has wrinkled, shriveled buttocks. tsok-kuri [wrinkled-buttocks]

tsonana | ta (~tota) vt.i. be sucking. Yuy piihuyat ~ta. She is sucking (on) her mother’s breast. tsona-na-ta [suck-RDP-REP]

tsonànpi n.sg. suction device, as a straw. ~y akw kwangwakuyiy hiiko. She drank her sweet drink with a straw. tsonàn-pi [suck-lNSTR]

tsonasveve | ta (~tota) vi.i. be sucking rapidly. Pam pep put pisoq angqw ~ta. It is busily sucking from it rapidly, tsona’sve-ve-ta [suck-INTNS-RDP-REP]

tsonasvevèyku(~ya) vi.p. start sucking rapidly. Wakashoya yuy piihuyat angqw ~qw pavan mo’ay at angqw qötti. When a calf started to suck rapidly from its mother’s teat, a lot of foam formed in its mouth, tsona-sve-vè-yku [suck-INTNS-RDP-REP(PF)]

tsoonani’y | ta (~yungwa) vi/vt.i. “have it kissed out of another,” have learned to do s.th. very well. (A metaphorical reference to the mockingbird, who “kissed” languages into the mouths of people in aboriginal time, according to Hopi tradition.) Pas Kastiilat ~taqe oovi afni kasìiltuqayta. He’s got it kissed out of a Spanish speaker because he speaks Spanish very well. tsoonan-i-‘y’-ta [suck-NR-POSS-DUR]

tsoonan | lawu (~lalwa; comb. ~tsonan | lawu) vi./vt.i. keep kissing. Ayàm tiyo maanat ~lawq nu’ aw kwangwa’ytuswa. A young man keeps kissing a girl over there and I’m envious of him. — Puma pep naatsonanlawu. The two keep kissing each other there, tsoonan-lawu [suck-CONT]

tsoonannum | a ~-ya; comb. -tsonannum | a) go around kissing. Itàapahankwatsi pìtùuqe pavan itamuy sòosokmuy ~a. Our Anglo friend arrived, so she’s going around kissing all of us heartily. tsoonan’numa [suck-CIRCG]

tsoonan | ta (~tota; comb. tsoonan-, tsona-, (-)tsonan-, -tsonan | ta) vi.postp./vt.i. 1. (vi.) be sucking. Tiposhoya yuy piihuyat angqw ~ta. The little baby is sucking from her mother’s breast. 2. (vt.) be kissing. Pam wùuti put mamavoklawu, pu’ put ~ta, pu’ ang naarukwanta. That woman is putting her arms around him, now she’s kissing him: now she’s rubbing herself against him. — naatsonanta. be kissing each other, tsoonan-ta [suck-REP] Cf. p. tsòotsona.

tsòotsona (~ya; comb. tsoonan-, tsona-, (-)tsonan-) vi./vt.p. 1. kiss. Nu’ paayis aw pituqw pu’ pas nuy —. When I came to her the third time, then she kissed me. — Nu’ imantuway kwangwa ~. I kissed my girlfriend with joy. 2. suck on a smoking pipe, take a puff while smoking tobacco. Nu’ tsoongot angqw ~. I sucked from the pipe. — Kur nu’ angqw ~. Let me take a puff from it. tsòo-tsona [RDP-suck] Cf. i. tsoonanta.

tsoova (tsopya; comb. tsop-, -tsop-) vt.p. 1. have sexual intercourse (with male as subject). Nu’ inömay ~. I had sex with my wife. — Hak yaw pèekit aqw tsopqw puma yaw wuuhaqtingwu. If one does a sexual act into the kangaroo rat’s burrow, they (the kangaroo rats) will increase. Hak yaw hakiy paaveq tsopqw yaw hakiy engem nö’yiltiqa lölöqangwuy tìitang’wu. If one has sex with someone at a spring, the one that gets pregnant will give birth to a bullsnake. 2. (refl.) have sex with each other. Puma yaw haqam na’uyi’ykyangw pephaqam naatsopt pu’ angqw nima. They say they hid somewhere and had sex with each other, then went home from there.

tsop | lawu(-lalwa) vt.i. keep having intercourse. Sutsep put.sa okiw ~lawu. He keeps having sex with her only, poor thing. tsop-lawu [copulate-CONT]

tsop | ta (~tota) vr.i 1. be copulating, having sexual intercourse with (male’s act). Yaw kiihu pösö’yta; pangsoq yaw pam put noömayat pay ~ta. The house has an interior corner; against that he’s already copulating with his (another’s) wife. 2. (refl.) be having sex with each other. Puma pep naa ~ta. They are having sex there. — lisaw haqam naa ~taqw oovi piw taaviniikyangw yooyoki. The coyote must be having sex somewhere because it’s raining while the sun is shining. tsop-ta [copulate-REP] Cf. tsungta, be having sex with someone on a regular basis.

tsoptinuma | a (`ya) vi.i. 1. go around having intercourse with a woman. Pam yaw Pahona lisawuy paavaqe ~a. So the Beaver was going around in the water having sex with (Lady) Coyote. 2. go around having sex together. tsop-t-inuma [copulate-REP-CIRCG]

tsoptiva (~ya) vt.p. start having intercourse with. Put ~. He started having sexual intercourse with her. tsop-t-iva [copultae-REP-INGR]

tsotsong | hoya (~hòoyam) n. (YS) smoker, one who habitually smokes tobacco or marijuana. tsotsong-hoya [smoke-DIM] Syn. pipsona.

tsotspi | ta (~tota) vt.p.pl.obj. pull out or off, remove, take off, extract, pull off, pluck. Pumuy lomuyamuy sòosok ~ta. He pulled all their panties off them. tso-tspi-ta [RDP-pull out-DISTR] Cf. sg.obj. tsòopa.

tsovinina (~ya) vt.p.sg.obj. kill by copulating. tsovi-nina [intercourse-kill(SG:OBJ)]

tsöl | ta (distr. ~tota) vi.i. be dripping slowly. Pavan tutsvala’at nan’ivoq ~ta, yami’. His saliva was really dripping constantly from each comer of his mouth, they said. tsöl-ta [form:drop-REP]

tsönaw n.sg. alienation of one’s spouse’s affection. ~ qa nukngwa. Being alienated from one’s wife’s affections is bad. [alienation:of:affections-wu]

tsöqananaywa vi.i.pl. be having a mudfight (as part of wedding festivities). Itaamöyi kwusi’ytaqw oovi itam ~. Our nephew is having his wedding ceremonies so we are having a mudfight. — Um tsutskutuy aw yori ~qw? Did you see the clowns when they were fighting with mud (mimicking the wedding ceremony)? tsöqa-nanaywa [mud-fight(PL)] Syn. mö’nanaywa.

tsung’unàngw | ti (~toti) vi.p. get the desire for sex. Talavay pu’ taatayt pay piw ~ti. He just woke and already has the desire for sex again. tsung-‘unàngw-ti [copulate-heart-R]

tsuungi’y | ta (~yungwa) vi./vt.i. have a sexual experience, coitus (with). Itàatahay okiw qa hak naawaknaqw oovi qa ~ta. No one likes our poor maternal uncle, that’s why he has had no sex. — Sòosoyam yaw ~kyàakyangw ahoy öki. They all came back having had sex. — Pas pay ikwatsi suyan put ~ta. Just think, my friend has had sex with her for sure. tsung-i-‘y-ta [copulate-NR-POSS-DUR] Var. tsuungi’yta.

tsimgma (~ya) vi./vt.p. have been to have sex with a woman. Pam tooki ~qe oovi pas se’el wukosaykyangw taatayi. He went out and had sex last night, that’s why he woke up this morning with a big smile on his face. tsung’ma [copulate-POSTG]

tsungmok | i(~.ya) vi.p. crave sex. Pas nu’ ~i. I’m getting a strong craving for sex. tsung-moki [copulate-suffer]

tsungmokiw | ta(~yungwa) vi.i. be craving sex. ~taqe màmantuy amùupa yortinuma. Because he’s craving sex, he’s going around looking at girls. tsung-moki-w-ta [copulate-suffer-ST-DUR]

tsungna (~ya) vt.p. for a woman to have sex with a man, let a man have sex with her. Pam nuy ~. She let me have intercourse with her. — Qa hak pi yaw ep put ~niqa’eway. It seemed there was no one there to have sex with him. tsung-na [copulate-CAUS]

tsung | ta (~tota) vi./vt.i. be having sex (with), usu. on a regular basis. Pam pay na’uynomay sutsep ~ta. He’s always having sex with his secret mistress, tsung-ta [copulate-REP] Cf. p. tsuungi. See also tsopta, be copulating, having sexual intercourse with (male’s act).

tsung | to (-wisa) vi./vt.i. go to have sex with someone. Pay piw ~toqe oovi qa hakiy aa’awnat pay yàmakma. He’s going to go have sex with someone, that’s why he didn’t tell anyone why he went out. tsung-to [copulate-PREG]

tsungtoyna (~ya) vt.i. for a female to be letting a male have sex with her. Pam put ~. She s letting him have sex with her. tsung-to-yna [copulate-REP-CAUS]

tsungvalkiw | ta (-yungwa) vi.i. be craving, longing for sex. Utí, kur pi pam pas sutsep ~ta. Incredible, he is constantly longing for sex. tsung-valki-w-ta [copuIate-desire-ST-DUR]

tsungvö’ |i (-yya) vi./vt.p. pay or give up s.th. in return for sex with a woman. Pam Muy’ingwa hapi songyawnen natwanit oovi pumuy màmantuy aw ~i. In return for (power to grow) plants, the Germination Deity paid those girls as though to pay them for sexual favors. – Pu’ yaw puma aw put ööngay pi ~yya. Then they gave up their salt to her (Salt Woman) in return for her sexual favors. tsung-vö’i [copulate-owe]

tsungvövö’ | i (~yya) vt.i. be paying for sex with. Itàakwa natwaniysa ~i. Our grandfather keeps paying only with his crops for sex. — Pay put aw tsorposit ~i, put wúutit awi. He paid her with turquoise for her sexual favors, to that woman, tsung-vö-vö’i [copulate-RDP-owe]

tsung.ya vi.p. pl. of tsuungi, copulate, have sex (with a woman), tsung-.ya [copulate-PL]

tsuungi (tsung.ya; comb. tsung-) vi./vt.p. copulate, have sex (with a woman). Pam yaw qa hisat tsùngqe yaw pas palkiwta. Since he had not had sex for sometime, he was craving it. Cf. i. tsung-ta.

tsuungiw n.sg. sexual intercourse. ~ pas himu kur hin qa enang qàtsini. Sexual intercourse is something that has to be part of life. tsuungi-w [copulate-wu]

tsuuru | ti (~toti) vi.p. get, contract scabies. Pam yaw kur okiw ~ti. They say he apparently contracted scabies, poor thing, tsuuru-ti [scabies-R]

tsuyatumok | lawu (~lalwa) vi.i. be having a nightmare. Hak ~ lawe’ taataye’ pu’ ayó töhahay-kungwu; pu’ pay hak yaw qa piw dapiytangwu. If you are having a nightmare and wake up, then you can spit off to the side quickly several times and they say you won’t continue [the dream], tsuya’ -tumok-lawu [disturbing-dream-CONT]

tu’ alangw (tutu’alangwt) n. evil apparition, specter, evil sorcerer, one who acts with help from evil supernatural powers; harbinger of death, to bring about the death of another by doing some ritual or dance, usu. outside the victim’s home at night when the victim is in. I‘hapi ~ hakiy aw tutu’alangwe’ pas mokniqat ooviningwu. When this harbinger of death comes to someone to do his sorcery, he wants that person to die. — Pangqaqw inumi himu töötöqa; senpi pay ~. From over there something is calling to me; perhaps it’s a harbinger of death. — Hak tuviku’ykyangw hlitawat aw kukuyngwu; pam pi ~ningwu. When one wears a mask while peeping in on someone (in a house), that is the one called tu’alangw. — Hakim tutu’ alangwt pay son pi hak put amumi navoti’ytani. Who the tutu’alangwt are, no one can know anything about them.

tu’alangw’iw | ta vi.i.sg. be haunted. Itàaki ~ taqw oovi nu’ kwiitanta. Our house is haunted so I’m fumigating it (to clear the ghosts away). tu’a-langw-iw | ta [spook-ST-DUR]

tu’alangw | himu(-hutu) n. sorcery, the practice of tu’alangw. ~-himu pi pay sùutokihaq tuwat waynumgwa. Sorcery is something which goes around in the dark of night, tu’alangw-himu [spook-thing]

tu’ alangw-mongwu (-momngwut) n. evil supernatural owl. (This sort of expression derives from a belief that sorcerers work through birds and animals to accomplish their misdeeds, and thus the behavior of these possible animal “instruments” are considered as bad omens.) Um hìntiqw pangqaqw hingqawlawu, nu’an ~mongwu? Why are you making those kinds of calls from over there, you damn ghost owl? tu’alangw-mongwu [spook-owl]

tu’alangw | mosa ( ~ momost) n. evil supernatural cat. Ephaqam himuwa nwosa mihikqw haqampas bin hìngqawlawqw pay pàngqaq.wangwu, “Meh, haqam ~mosa hmgqawlawu.” Sometimes some cat might be making strange sounds somewhere at night and they (people) will say, “Listen, a ghost cat is saying something somewhere.” tu’alangw-mosa [spook-cat]

tu’apu-‘at n.sg. coffee grounds. Haqawat momoyam kaphet ~yat tsilivasay ang enang qöqriya’ngwu, kyapi put akw himu enang a’ni wungngwu. Some of the women mix coffee grounds in [to the soil in their] chile gardens; I guess things grow better with it. tu’apu-‘at [coffee:grounds-3P]

tuhisso’wùuti n.sg. skillful old woman (often re Old Spider Woman). Uti! Pas um ~niiqe piw it pösaalat nukwangwyuku. Oh my! You sure are a talented old woman to have created such a beautiful blanket. tuhis-so’wùuti [ingenious-old’.woman]

tukyavonsasha n.sg. one with pronounced or shapely calves. Ayàm maana itàakya pas ~ oovi uma nuy qa naanaqasnayani. That girl there, our paternal aunt, has shapely calves, so don’t horn in on me over her. tukya-von-sa-sha [prairie: dog-stomach-RDP-calf] Cf. wukosasha, person with big calves.

tumas | hoya(~hòoyam) n. secret girlfriend or mistress. Haqami atsa’ykyangw pay kur piw ~hoyat epeqpaki. On the pretext of going somewhere (else) he apparently came into the mistress’s [house]. — ~hoyapay haqaqw piw tayta oovi urn kwikwivi. The little mistress must be watching from somewhere, because he’s showing off. tumas-hoya [female-DIM] Cf. na’uynöma(‘at), extramarital female lover.

tunatyawtaqa n.sg. (des.) guardian spirit. Hakiy aw ~ qa nakwhaqw son hak mokngwu. When one’s guardian spirit gives permission (to continue life), one does not die. — Hak itamumi ~ pay as son ephaqam itamumi qa pùutsemokngwu. The one who is our guardian spirit must get greatly disturbed (disgusted with) at us at times. tunatya-w-ta-qa [plan-ST-DUR-REL]

tungla’i (~m; comb. tungla’y-) n. (usu. poss.) 1. (sg.) s. th. longed for in a wishful way, the object of desire of one or two people. I’kwasa pas i ~. This dress is my greatest desire. — Put maanat toko’atput ~ ‘at. That girl’s flesh is the object of his desire. 2. (~m) someone longed for sexually by one or two people. i~y pay kur nuy nàwkiya. They seem to have taken my heartthrob (the girl I desired) away from me. — Mit nu’ suukw taaqat pas naawakna; pam pas i ~. That one man I really like; he’s a person of my desire. — Ima mamant pas i~m. These girls are the objects of my desire. Var. tunglayi. Cf. tutungla’i. 2. the object of (sexual) desire of several people.

tungla’yhin | ta (~yungwa) vn.des.i. act like one has a longing for. Pam put aw ~ta. He’s acting like he has a longing for her. tungla’y-hin-ta [desire-how-DUR]

tungla’yhìn | ti (~toti) vn.p. get a kind of longing for. Aw pay hin ~te’ pu’ paasatniqw pu’ awningwu. If he gets a kind of longing for her, then when it’s time (opportune), he goes to her. tungla’y-hln-ti [desire-how-R]

tupkiw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. 1. be hidden, concealed, kept secret or confidential. Hiihìimu hìitawat qa wimkyat aw naat pay ~ta. Many things (of esoteric nature) are kept hidden from one still uninitiated. — Pam pay put aw ~ta. That is hidden from her (or kept secret). 2. (neg.) be obvious, do things uninhibitedly, in an unconcealed manner. Pay ason puma tsutskut nöngakkyangw pu’ pàasat pas qa ~taqat pep kiisonve hintsatskyangwu. Later when the clowns come out (of the kiva), they do things uninhibitedly in the dance arena, tupk-iw-ta [conceal-PASS-DUR]

tuskyap | lawu( -lalwa) vt.i. l. keep making one crazy, making one lose self-control. Panis pam nuy ~lawu, panis hohonaqqe. He’s making me lose my self-control by drinking all the time. 2. be getting a woman to go wild (sexually) by means of magic. I’taaqa put maanat ~lawu, nooma’ykyangw. This man is driving that girl crazy through magic even though he has a wife. tuskyap-lawu [crazy-CONT]

tuskyapni’y | ma(~wisa) vt.i. be making lose self control or moral values. Itam naa ~wisa, sopkyawat sinom. We are making ourselves lose our discretion, all of mankind. — Sòosoy himu tsele, Pahaanat himu’at enang, itamuy ~ma. All kinds of social dances, including the Anglo’s, are causing us to lose self-control. tuskyap-n-i-‘y-ma [crazy-CAUS-POSS-PROG]

tuskyapqatsi n.sg. crazy life, morally corrupt life. Puma pay pas ~t aw pitsinaya. They have now begun a corrupt way of life. tuskyap-qatsi [crazy-life]

tuskyapqatsi | ta(~tota) vi.p. have a crazy time, a revelrous time. Pas yaw puma Homo’ovehaqam ~tat pu’ angqw nima. They said they had a revelrous time around Winslow before coming home. tuskyap-qatsi-ta [crazy-life-CAUS]

tuskyap | ta (~tota; refl. naa~ |ta or na~ |ta) vt.p. 1. make crazy. Pam hakiy ~tangwu. He makes one crazy. 2. charm, bewitch, make a woman crazy sexually so that she will submit to a man. Taaqa tuskyaptawi’yte’ putakw maanat sen wùutit ~tangwu. If a man knows a charming song, he uses it to charm a girl or a woman. 3. (refl.) get addicted to, make oneself crazy, go crazy over. Pam put maanat oovi naa ~ta. He drove himself crazy over that girl. tuskyap-ta [crazy-CAUS]

tuskyaptutuy | a(-ya) vi.i. be wild, exhibiting loose or immoral behavior. Hopqöyve maana yaw ~a. They say the girl on the northeast side is wild. tuskyap-tutuya [crazy-be:sick]

tuskyaptuwi’y | ta(–yungwa) vi.i. 1. know how to make someone abandon morals. Mi’ taaqa pas ~ta; oovi aw momoyam hömta. That man really knows how to make someone go sexually crazy, because women keep coming flocking to him. 2. know how to make people giddy, frivolous (by his antics, or his ability to put on events that make people excited). ~taqa hakímuy yùutuknangwu. A person who knows how to make people giddy gets us wildly excited. tuskyap-tuwi-‘y-ta [crazy-practical: knowledge-POSS-DUR]

tuskyaptuya n.sg. immoral behavior, behavior lacking restraint, responsibility or social conscience, wildness. Pay pi wuukwniqw tsaatsayom sùupan it ~t pas a’ni enang aqw yesngwu. According to the older generation, young people seem to include immoral behavior in the way they live. tuskyap-tuya [crazy-sickness]

tutsiwwunumantinum | a(~ya) vi.i. be dancing about in a ridiculing or repulsive manner. Hòo et ~a. The Hòo’e Kachinas were dancing about in a silly manner, tutsiw-wuniman-t-inuma [irritate-dance(SG)-REP-CIRCG]

tutu’alangw | a(~ya) vi./v/.i. l. (vi.des./vi.) i practicing sorcery on. Powaqa hakiy aw ~ngwu. A sorcerer practices sorcery on you. — Pu yaw hak pàasat tuukwavíyat oovi uunate’ pàasat put ~ qat qatsiyat ayò’ tàvingwu. If you fall for the sorcerer’s necklace (as a bribe to keep fro, revealing his identity), then you spare the life of the one who’s practicing sorcery on you (but you lose your own). 2. (vi.pl.) be playing the ghost game, a game played at night, in which the person who is “it” uses a drum to clue the pursuers as to his whereabouts. As tuma ~ya. Let’s play the ghost game. tu-tu ‘alangw-a [RDP-spook-VR]

tutu’alangwt n. harbingers of death; pl. of tu’alangw. tu-tu’alangw-t [RDP-spook-NSG]

tutu’alangwtinum | a(-ya) vi.i. 1. go around as an evil sorcerer, as a harbinger of death. Pay hak himu nukpananen mimhikpuva haqe’ ~ngwu. Someone who is evil is one who goes around at nights practicing a death-wish ritual on others. tu-tu’alangw-t-inum [RDP-spook-REP-CIRCG]

tutumaytinum | a(~ya) vi.i. go around courting. Pumuy amùupa ~a. He is going around courting them (in their houses), tu-tumay-t-inuma [RDP-suitor-REP-CIRCG]

tutumay | to(-wisa) vi.i. go to look for a lover, go out courting. Masiphikqw nu’ ~toni. When it gets a little dark, I will go out courting. tu-tumay-to [RDP-suitor-PREG]Syn. tumay’wma.

tutungla’ | i 1 (-yya) vi.i. keep desiring, keep longing for. Pam put ~i. He keeps longing for her. tu-tungla’i [RDP-desire] Var. tutunglayi.

tutungla’i 2 (~m) n. the object of (sexual) desire of several people. I’maana pas~. This girl is the desire of men (desirable to every man). — Puma pas ~m. They are very desirable (to others). Var. tuutunglayi, tutunglayi, tuutungla’i. Cf. tungla’i, the object of desire of one or two people.

tuu’aw | ta (~tota) vn.p. 1. have a vision, have a mystical experience of seeing s.th. extrasensory m nature or of deja vu. Hak ~taqw nu’ put aw tuptsiwni’yta. Whenever someone has a vision, I believe him. — Pay um son qa ~ta. You’re only seeing things. — Pay hak ~te’ ephaqam piw uuwingwuy túwangwu, haqam. If one has a vision, sometimes he will see a fire light (moving along) somewhere in the distance (usu. at night). — Noqw pay kur kya pipam ~ta. I guess she had a vision. — Itamuy Hóplituyniqw hak ~taqw ephaqam hakiy sino’at sen ti’at sen hak naap ephaqam hinwat hintingwu. According to us Hopis, when you have a vision, sometimes your relative or your son or even you yourself will experience some kind of (negative) consequence. 2. witness s.th. esoteric by accident, see s. th. that, as an uninitiated person, one shouldn’t and which must be kept to oneself. Um pay put ~ta. You have seen something which you should not know about (and we don’t want to hear more about it), tuu’aw-ta [message-CAUS]

tuuho | ta (~tota; comb. (-)tuho-) vt.p. hurt, inflict pain on, injure, wound, damage, offend, abuse, harm. Powaqa hlitawat tuwat ~taniqeysa wuuwantangwu. A sorcerer usually thinks only of inflicting pain on someone. — Pam poosiy ~ta. She hurt her own eyes. — Pam yaw put pan ~ta. She hurt him in that way. — Pam nuy qa himutiqe nuy ~ta. When he rejected me, he hurt me so. [hurt-CAUS]

tuukyayan | ta (~tota; comb. -tukyayan | ta) vt.i. 1. be magically introducing a foreign body (tuukyayni) into to cause harm. Popwaqt tuuyat akw ~tota. The sorcerers are magically introducing disease into the bodies of others. 2. (met.) be clogging up. Pam put ~ta. It’s clogging it up. tuukyayan-ta [insert:foreign:body-CAUS-REP]

tuukyayna (~ya; comb. tuukyayan-, tuukyayn-, -tukyayan-) vt.p. magically insert a foreign object into to cause harm (a sorcery technique), afflict with a malignant power. Pay pi piw pàngqaq.wangwu, pam hak himu powaqa hakiy aw hiita akw so ‘on unangwa ‘yte ‘ sen hlita akw hakiy aw qa kwdngwatayte’ pu’ pam hakiy hiita akw ~ngwu. They also say that if someone is a sorcerer and is intolerant of you, or is jealous of you over something, then he can shoot you with some pathogenic object. — Put kur hak tuskyavut akw ~. Someone apparently afflicted her with craziness.

tuukyayni n.sg. s.th. with malignant power that may be used to actively harm someone; a foreign object implanted, placed inside someone by magic to cause ailment (it can be extracted by medicine man who sucks it out), occasionally it is also introduced into a person’s house to attract evil to its owner. Pay Hoptit put navoti’yyungqw hak powaqa aw put pànangwu, hlita ~t yawi’. The Hopi people know that it is the sorcerer who implants by magic something malignant into someone. — Ephaqam hakiy ep it hlita ~t hòroknangwu. Sometimes he (medicine man) extracts this object that has malignant power from you. — ~t yukuyaqwput Tsepensinmuy amumi posnaya. After they made the malignant power they dropped it on the Japanese people, tuukyayn-i [insen:foreign:body-NR]

tuukyaynil | ti (~toti) vi.p. get a foreign object inserted into the body that causes sickness. Pam hiitakw ~ti? What did he get afflicted with (as the result of being “shot” with a foreign object)? tuukyayn-il-ti [insert:foreign:body-PASS-R]

tuukyayniw | a (~ya) vi.p. have a foreign object inserted into the body that causes sickness. Nu’ kur pas ohowuy akw ~ qe oovi pas qa qalaptu. Apparently I’ve had a malignant object inserted in me because I can’t get rid of my cough, tuukyayn-iwa [insert:foreign:body-PASS]

tuumastoko n.sg. woman’s flesh. Um ~t sokop’lawu. You are taking women’s flesh covetously (you are coveting women and having sex). — Nu’ ~t okiw as tungla’yta. I am longing for a woman’s flesh (I want to have sex with a woman). tuumas-toko [female-flesh]

tuumok | lawu (~lalwa) vn.i. be dreaming. Pam katsinmuy tiivaqamuy ~lawu. He was dreaming about kachinas dancing. — Nu’ tooki ~làwqe lomatasapmanat amum. Last night when I was dreaming I was with a beautiful Navajo girl. tuumok-lawu [dream-CONT]

tuungöyva | to (~wisa) vi/vt.i. for a girl to go to chase the boy who entices her with food or other objects in the ngöytiwa game. Tsu’titsofqw hak ngöytiwyaniqamuy ~tongwu. When the Tsu’ ceremony ends, you go to chase those who are doing the ngöytiwa game. — Nu’ pu’ nuutum ~to. I went chasing those ngöytiwa players this time. tuu-ngöyva-to [UNSPEC:OBJ-chase-PREG]

tuvahòmki (~ki; postp. ~ve(q), ~mi(q), ~ngaqw) n. laundromat, laundry house. ~t aw momoyam hòmta. Women are frequenting the laundromat in large numbers. tuvahòm-ki [wash-house]

tuvats | mosa (~momost) n. a cat that constantly cries (or seems to cry). Pas um ~mosa’yta; um kya put qa noonopnaqw oovi. You sure have a crying cat; maybe you’re not feeding it. tuvats-mosa [crybaby-cat]


una | ‘isaw (~’i’st) gullible coyote. Pas pi um himu ~’isaw; hilta sùunatingwu. Truly you are such a gullible coyote; you’ll get tricked by anything. una-‘isaw [gullible-coyote]

ungwa’y | ta (~yungwa) vn.i. 1. have blood. Pay as um ~ta? Pas um paas hin sonwa. Do you actually have blood? You sure don’t look good. 2. be menstruating. Teevep tipkya’at tuutuya; pam ~taqe’e. Her womb has been hurting her all day; she’s having her menstrual period. ungwa’y-ta [blood-POSS-DUR]

ungwa’yva (~ya) vn.p. 1. begin a menstrual period. Pas yaw pam nuwu suukw muyninat pay yaw pam qa ~. She had already passed one month, but did not begin to menstruate. — Hak tiyot hikwsiyat hovalangwuyat akw sùu’~ngwu. One menstruates quickly (by smelling) the young man’s breath. 2. become in heat. Pok.wiiuti ~; oovi popkot angk homta. The female dog is in heat, so other dogs are after her. ungwa-‘y-va [blood-POSS-INGR]

ungwhöhönpi n.sg. sanitary napkin, ungw-höhönpi [blood-wiper] Syn. ungwvitkuna

ungwsuaw | ti (~toti) vi.p. get finished with one’s menstrual period. Pas nu’ qa ~ti. I’m not done with my menstrual period. — Puma pay sòosoyam ~toti. They are all finished with their menstrual periods, ungw-sulaw-ti [blood-empty-R]


wakaslöhavu ns.g. bull’s testicles. wakas-löhavu [cow-testicles]

wipö(‘at) comb. wivoo-) n.sg. pubic hair. Wuwtsimuyniqw Marawwimkya a’ni ~’ytangwuniqw pu’ Mdrawuyniqw wuwtsimwimkya a ‘ni ~ ‘ytangwu. According to the Wuwtsim [member] a Maraw member has an abundance of pubic hair, while the Maraw [member] claims that it is the Wuwtsim member who is endowed with this (unbecoming) characteristic, wi-phö-‘at [fat-fur/ wool-3P]

wivöökukuyna (~ya) vii be beginning to develop pubic hair. Um kur ~, oovi um sàmakinta. Apparently your pubic hair is just emerging; that’s why your voice is breaking, wivöö-ku-kuy-na [pubic:hair-RDP-manifest-CAUS]

wivöölöwa n.sg. vulva abundant with the growth of pubic hair. Wuwtslmtuynujw Marmv pas ~n- ngwu. According to the Wuwtsim priesthood society, the Maraw has an abundant growth pubic hair. wivöö-löwa [pubic:hair-vulva] Syn. wivööruklöwa.

wivööruki (~-m) n. person with an abundance of pubic hair (used jokingly about men or women). Marawwuuti pas ~ningwu. A Maraw woman has a lot of hair about her pubic area. (a joking claim made by Wuwtsim members) — Hopitaqatniqw hakiy tumsi’at pas ~ningwu. According to a Hopi male, it is his clanswoman who has an abundance of pubic hair. wivöö-ruk-i [pubic:hair-have:a:lot-NR]

wivööruklöwa n.sg. vaginal area with thick pubic hair. Mamant hoohonaqt ~y maatakni’yyungngwu. The drunken girls are exposing their thick pubic hair. wivöö-ruk-löwa [pubic:hair-have:a: lot-yulva] Syn. wivoolowa.

wivööruk | maraw (~mamrawt) n. Maraw member with a lot of pubic hair (a joking reference used by Wuwtsim members). Wuwtsimt pi Mamràwtuy amumiq pàngqaq.wangwu. “~ mamrawt.” It’s the Wuwtsim members who (jokingly) say about the Maraw members, “Mamrawt have a lot of pubic hair.” wivöö-ruk-maraw [pubic:hair-have:a:lot-Maraw]

wivöörukvahaana(~m) n. Anglo with a lot of pubic hair (joking term), wivöö-ruk-vahaana [pubic: hair-have-a: lot-Anglo]

wukokuri n.sg. 1. large buttocks. Ali, ~’yta. How nice, she’s got large buttocks. 2. person with large buttocks wuko-kuri [big-buttocks]

wuko | mana (dl. ~mant or ~manat, acc. ~màntuy or ~manatuy; pl. ~mamant, acc. ~mamàntuy) n. 1. older unmarried girl, adolescent girl. Pay um pu’ qa tsatsakoni; um pay pu ~mana. Don’t you be [involved] in child’s play; you are now a full-grown maiden. 2. maiden that is large in size. Pam hakiy ~manat ámumti. He got married to a maiden large in size. wuko-mana [big-maiden]

wukomàn | ti (~toti) vi.p. become a big girl, in size and age. Imöyi pas ~ti. My granddaughter grew up to be a big girl. wuko-màn-ti [big-maiden-R]

wukoqaqsi ns.g. person with thick thighs. Pas pam wùuti ~. That woman has big thighs. wuko-qa-qsi [big-RDP-thigh]

wukovihu(‘at) ns.g.poss. big breasts. Pam pas ~’ytaqe piwlala. She has pendulous breasts since she has such large breasts wuko-vihu-‘at [big-breast-3P]

wutilvayi n. female speech, woman’s language. A: Um ~t tuuqayta? B: Owìiy: sonway, hin’ur, askwaìi … A: Do you know women’s speech? B: Yes: sonway, hin’ur, askwaìi… — “Askwalìi,” -. Askwaìi (“thanks”): this is women’s speech. wuti-lvayi [female-speech]


yaqahömi ns.g. nostril hair. Put sùukya ~’at pas wuupa angqw iitsiwta. One of the long hairs from his nostrils is sticking out. — ~ pay hakiy hoomiyat an piw qöyahaptingwu. The nostril hair turns gray just like the hair on your head. yaqa-hömi [nose-hair]

yom’ewayti. yomi(k-) (yòmik.ya) vi.p. give a pelvic thrust. Yaw tsuku Piptuqwuutit àakwayngyangaqw aqw ~. The clown thrust his hips forward (to simulate copulation) from behind the Piptuq Woman kachina (who interacts with the clowns), yomi(-k-) [thrust:pelvis(-SGL-)]

yomikvisoq’iw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. be busy making pelvic thrusts. Tumaya qa ngu’iwniqe pavan okiw ~ ta. The suitor was hurriedly thrusting away (during intercourse) lest he be caught. yomi-k-visoq- ‘iw-ta [thrust:pelvis-SGL-busy-ST-DUR]

yomimi | ta (~tota) vi.i. be thrusting the hips rapidly. Kokopölmana hakiy ngu’e’ pam hakiy wá’öknat pu’ hakiy aqw ~tangwu. When the Kokopöl maiden catches you, she makes you lie down and [copulates with you] thrusting her hips onto you rapidly, yomi’mi-ta [thrust:pelvis-RDP-REP]

yomimitmum | a(~ya) vi’.i. go around thrusting the hips rapidly, go around jerking forward. Kokopö.mana taataqtuy amuupa ~a. The Kokopöl maiden (kachina) went along thrusting her hips at me. yomi’mi-t’inuma [thrust:pelvis-RDP-REP-CIRCG]

yongyay’iw | ta (~yungwa) vi.i. be involved in an affair, involved in adultery. Put wùuti’at a’ni ~ta. His wife is very engrossed in an affair. — Pam itàqoqay aw ~ta. That guy is having an affair with our older sister. yongyay-‘iw-ta [chipmunk-ST-DUR]

yongyaya (yoyongyayt; comb. yongyay-) n. 1. “chipmunk,” or, more precisely, whitetail antelope squirrel, Ammospermophilus leucurus. Yangqw ~ sumataq ki’ytaqw oovi pas angqw tuvatspu nìitiwta. It looks as if an antelope squirrel lives in here, for there are a lot of nut shells in there. 2. person who commits adultery. Pam taaqa pas nu’an ~. That man is very much an adulterer.

yongyaynu’an | sana (~sasna) vt.p. catch someone in an act of marital infidelity. This doesn’t have to be an actual sexual act, one might catch someone leaving a woman’s house that’s not his wife’s under very suspicious circumstances. Nu’ ung ura ~sana. Remember, I caught you in the act of marital infidelity. yongyay-nu’an-sana [chipmunk-PEJOR-(?)]

yongyày | taqa (~taataqt) n. philanderer, adulterous man. Um nu’an ~taqa. You’re nothing but a philanderer. — Pam pas ~taqa. He’s a very adulterous man. yongyày-taqa [chipmunk-man]

yongyày | ti (~toti) vi.p. become involved in adultery, have an affair (with). Pam as put pas tupkoyat nööma’ykyangw piw kurput aw ~ ti. He is married to her (blood) sister, and yet has become involved adulterously with her. — Pam y aw kur ~ti. They say she became involved in an affair. — Nu’ ~tiqe sinmuy mom’ava maakwutsi. I got involved in an affair, so my doings were on people’s lips. yongyày-ti [chipmunk-R]

yongyay | wuuti (~momoyam) n. adulteress. Um himu ~wùuti. You are such an adulteress. — Nùutum ~wùutit aw hahaskye. He keeps wanting to get close to (catch the attention of) the adulterous woman, yongyay’-wùuti [chipmunk-woman]

yòy | tu’alangw (~tutu’alangwt) n. rain sorcerer. A reference to a mythical power that denies rain to explain the dissipation of clouds after a heavy build-up and promise of rain. Piw pay ~tu’alangw pooyanva. The rain sorcerer has started to blow again (to chase the ram away). yòy-tu-‘alangw [rain-witch]

yumoqlöhavu ns.g. barren woman. Pam ~nìiqe oovi qa tìlawu. She is barren therefore she cannot have children yumoq-löhavu [father:back-testicle]