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I’m the deep that scares you. The dark that might
take note of you as you’re peering down. Down?

Drown. What monsters lurk deeper than sunlight?
Neptune’s grisly progeny; though they’d drown

in your world, too. Are your fears as crushing
as my love? At twenty feet? Your lungs burn.

Thirty feet? Panic drags you back. Yearning
isn’t enough. You say that you’ll return

but swim with eyes shut to the sea’s grace.
I have taken note, risen from the deep

for you, for all who come to me. Your fear
is like others who’ve yearned for my embrace.

There have been oodles who’ve taken this leap.
I can swallow you too. Show me sincere.



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3 a.m. Damp heat. Crumpled cotton sheet.
Other broken grins wallow through my night.

Other teeth. Other sighs. None here to bleat
out their bliss at each mouthful. None toyed quite

like how you toy. Once more you failed to find
me in my dreams. Or maybe I failed you.

It’s the same. We’re apart. The heat, combined
with pain, keeps me awake. My scar tissue

seems to draw others. You know others touch
me, run fingers over your work to guess

as to the source of this fine mess. Of course
they’re not close. I use to smoke Mystic Dutch

to soothe where your chompers had been; fine mess,
indeed. Now I’m sober, sleepless, morose.



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These thick fingers push into your layers.
Your skirt lifted. Buttons undone. My tongue

swerves as my thumb finds your clit. Deluge stirs
inside you. Floodwaters. For years you clung

to the notion that you were poison. Trysts
turned sour. Friends left. Love was what others had.

“Just ghost shadow,” you thought, “a poltergeist’s
Now you’re alive and I the nomad

baptized at your fountain. I’ve traveled through
dangers untold and hardships unnumbered

to find you. You bubble. “Have you bathed yet?”
“No.” “Good. Lemme clean you up proper.”

grind your cunt and ass until waters stirred.
I can taste your soul through your cum and sweat.



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Toes curl. Heels lift off the floor. Reward comes
as I cum, as I stiffen in your throat ––

except English is bad at this. Problems
arise with description. To bulge? To bloat?

Rigid works. Fossilized? Not really. Hard
is what most say: hardcore, hard as a rock,

fat and hard with blood. In porn, cocks a yard
long are every small man’s dream. We get cock

from Late Latin’s, “Cucurru,” a rooster’s
crow. You brag of your perfect cock sucking

lips and needing a perfect cock to suck.
I don’t brag. I wait until your parents

go out. Your reward comes with words meaning:
“To gag.” “To splutter.” “To cum in havoc.”



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Your dad finds you in the bathroom, scrubbing
make-up from your cheeks. He doesn’t approve

of, “loose morals,” he says, “and women looking
cheap, like strumpets.”
Each day you remove

all signs of what we’ve done while he’s at work.
“Pull out then ram deep,” you cried two hours

ago. He talks virtue. We go berserk,
fueled by chronic and munchies. He blathers

about sin. We invent new smuttiness
each time our tongues touch. He scowls. We giggle

on the phone. “Miss you!” “Miss you more!” He’ll glare.
We’ll meet after school; all wild and reckless

with our joy. “On my face, leave your puddle
It’s still the only make-up you’ll wear.



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Do you cry out, “I’m cumming!” when you cum?
When you lose your mind in that odd moment,

when gods can see you, does your orgasm
compel you to howl like it’s prayer? Ancient

forces prowl between us, waiting for us
to crest and climax while our cups runneth

over. I love titillation’s promise
that you, too, hunger for a little death,

petite mort; that under your striped school skirt
passion soaks your thighs; that your swollen slit

glistens and your clit, queerest of queer seeds,
waits for tongues. I’d howl, too, if I could squirt.

Call this prayer; when grace caresses your clit,
since grace knows all of your lascivious needs.

anys syn


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Fauns are always spirits of seduction,
my Aunt explained. Lucy was only eight,

just like you. She had read me Anaïs Nin,
explained what pansexual meant. They’d mate

with all manner of beasts. Of course Lucy
knew this, why else would she follow him home

just for tea? Henry and June, Gay Paree
and the way in which my Aunt’s lips would roam

made me flustered. Anys Syn’s old school jive
would love to chime in –– You stop me: what? What!?

Eight? Fuck that. You’ve got no Aunt. You just brag
in verse that you’re cursed with a high sex drive.

Asshole! I stare at you. You’d asked for smut.
I shrug, light the hash pipe and take a drag.


Notes: Anaïs Nin was a Cuban-French American writer who wrote numerous diaries and erotica. Henry and June detailed her affairs with the author Henry Miller and his wife, June. Lucy and the faun, Mr. Tumnus, are characters from, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, by CS Lewis.



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Here’s a yarn; Best Friends Fuck Squad. We love sin
thick as nectar. You let lose screams as steam

hangs the air. This is how fables begin.
To kiss me is to perish in wet dream.

Detour through my body leaves you in shock,
in shox, inshoxication. You fLUSTer,

beg for deSIRe, for poppyCOCK’s cock.
You splish-splash rubba baby phat bugger …

bumper … thing. You sweet wet, sticky face thing.
We spin tales of Epic Sex fails. “Want to

be spanked with my hands bound. Look!” On one odd
finger thick cum glazes. “Look! I’m soaking.”

But you’re there. I’m here. Not much we can do,
despite our myth of this Best Friends Fuck Squad.



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I won’t reconstruct how utterly fucked
that was. Futile to try again. I said,

“Help me cope. Bring itchy rope, a switch, duct
tape and rock salt.”
But I fled when I bled,

when I bent and a queer smear bloomed across
my shirt. The door was almost closed. You peered

through a crack. Hunched on a chair, the chaos
of my scars had come undone. I get smeared

with blood a lot, mostly my own. Just once
I’d bared my back. “Fuck me up. Go roughshod.”

I said. “Calm me down.” That was my mistake.
It changed everything. Pain is a science.

Science is divine. But you said, “my god!”
when you saw how I cut out my own ache.



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High seas, indeed. The upsurge of bed sheet.
Curling ripple in the quilt. You hand back

the bong to giggle, “I can’t feel my feet.”
If there’s a theme to our sex life’s soundtrack

it’s that feeding frenzies are addictive.
I’m the shark that broke your surface, mouthful

of your menstrual blood. “Harder, I can’t live
without your teeth in me,”
you slur. I pull

you down, gulp you down, until you drown, pleased.
It took years of frightful sex to find each

other. I don’t miss that. I was famished
searching for you. Now I’m sated –– your greased

inner muscles squeeze my tongue. Your stoned speech
slurs. You’re all Seven Seas that I’ve ravished.