wet with spots


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On the playground kids sang, “girls with glasses
love it in their asses,”
while sugar cubes

melted on our tongues. We’d skipped our classes
to hide under the jungle-gym. Your pubes

poked out from either side of your panties
wet with spots blossoming in the cotton.

When the acid hit us our high school sleaze
cranked to eleven. Some say that children

should be obscene and not heard. “¡Dámelo
por culo!”
Your glasses slipped to your nose

as I buried myself balls-deep. My, O!
your, ¡Ai! Back before we learned of sorrow

and our beastly bent acid-fueled shadows
fused. Back when your afro glowed all halo.



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So much ego wrapped up in minimal
space, those vain names. I’m strapped in strapless flame,

split to the hip, one of those criminal
little black dresses whose name you can’t name

but crave all the same. “Unsung,/ well-hung: come
hither, as/ in, slither and cum.”
I know

why you feed on praise, need praise, any crumb
tossed your way. Your plain name, your low-down woe

at not being a god, the way you dress
your pride. One day, when you crave more than bliss,

come slink with me. We’ll prowl wearing glamour-
cut cloth. Instead of arrogance we’ll bless

our souls. Nameless. Simple. If you knew this
you would. But you don’t. Not now. Not ever.

According to Buddhism the Second of the Four Noble Truths is that suffering is caused by selfish craving and personal desire.

cum mum


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Legs in the air after chemo. Truck seat
as pink as the cracks in your missing breast.

Back then our Lover’s Lane was the short street
near school. Adults were callous and depressed,

except you, except: “not there, pet, my ass …
put it there.”
In the distance the school bell

rang as you came, as I flunked out of class —
as your muscle phat squeezed my cock farewell.

“Call me yummy mummy. Call me your cum
That was snark but I didn’t know snark

then — just plain child’s play and being wanted.
Plain as Big-O, Big-C, finding freedom

in who you fuck far too late. Plain as dark
in hurt flesh, brittle bones, corrupted blood.



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Back then you loved Not-Mom-and-Son porn clips.
You hand-rolled your joints and read Catullus

to me after middle school. Your wide hips
and ass held Latin names, even, “flatus

vaginalis,” — what the Roman poet
called cunt-vapors, caused by, “coitus more

ferarum,” fucking like wild beasts, sounded
posh. Your missing breast, cancer scars, dismay

in your eyes each time you came meant nothing
to me. You were my awesome. Ghost, hellbent,

do you dream of your cherubino or
do the dead forget? Even now, reading

Latin recalls that time before lament
and lechery; before howl and hardcore.

The erotic world feeds our souls and I loooove learning new erotic ideas and words in other languages. The danger is, though, a poem full of foreign words, 9 times out of 10, falls apart because the very same words I get so excited about mean nothing to most readers, so they get skipped over. If you asked me what makes a poem successful, “not skipping over parts of it,” would be high on the list. For the record, “flatus vaginalis,” is the Latin term for a pussy fart; “coitus more ferarum,” means fucking [in the manner of] beasts and, “Cherubino,” is a pet-name for a young boy infatuated with an older woman.

coup d’etat


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That’s the knife called: She Slits Open.
Once I sang that I’d slice open my gut,

reach in and drag out loops of intestine
if it ever got that bad. Before smut

and my sonnets I lived in Las Vegas,
crossroad of ghosts. I carried her with me

all the time: at the Shrine of the Goddess,
in class, at the gym. I was one sissy

hellbent on going out like Mishima.
Honor is queer, though: once it got that bad

only survival could prove them all wrong —
prove my fey soul is strong — Cosmic Vulva

strong — strong as the ghosts calling me comrade.
Stronger than this old belly-slitting song.

Yukio Mishima was a Japanese author and literary luminary, obsessed with beauty, homoeroticism and death. On November 25, 1970, Mishima and four members of his secret militia entered a military base in central Tokyo, took the commandant hostage and tried to persuade the soldiers there to join in overthrowing the new pacifist government in a coup d’etat. When this was unsuccessful, Mishima committed seppuku, ritual suicide by cutting open his belly.

She Slits Open

infernal fountain


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The street kids all laughed at the noise we made,
hurried over at the first lop-bam-boom,

first toe-curling wail. Infidel who prayed
to false female gods, your mom declared. Womb

talk by a man? Tsk, she spat. She’s correct,
but it’s more than just talk. Window open,

slick with kisses, afternoon sweat, respect
for bald lust, for the infernal fountain

of your cunt. Call my promised land Lilith
and your clit. Your mom freaks at, “¡me haces

mojada!” At your skirt pulled up, midriff
exposed. At what I call prayer that gushes

sublime between her adored First Daughter
and the infidel who knows no better.

“Me haces mojada,” translates from Spanish as, “you make me wet.”



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After school the god Frost loves us naked —
loves how we kiss, our blood filled with fire-juice

flames. With our snowsuits peeled down, your rosebud
peeled wide, with your lewd laugh, the one you use

when you’re on the edge, with the fogged-up glass,
Mad Bad Winter watching, with your groan, “nein,

nicht mein arse,” but it’s often in your ass,
often in your mom’s shed filled with old pine

smoke as you stare without blinking. Gods lost
still love us, love our fire-juice, love the shock

of flame. Frost loves us even though my cum
doesn’t splatter plumbed, feathered, like hoarfrost

on glass. — That’s why it stares as we walk,
hand in hand, through dingy sleet and dusky slum.

crushing dark


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Always a pregnant shark. I stripped naked,
lurched — and fell into swiftness of her dream

down the dark column until brine chanted
night eyes transformed from iridescent gleam

to the dull brown set in my skull’s ruins.
I come back from the night sea no wiser.

Why the gods single out us twitchy ones
to be their voice I don’t know. With tincture,

with balm, with sauce, the pregnant one, ghost shark,
finds me. But her words don’t translate this side

of tide-water. I flow through crushing dark
without dogma. It’s just womb, moon and tide

without the need for priest, pride or shaman,
without the need for anything human.



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You got klittra on your fingers from rump
shaking on your kid’s hobbyhorse saddle,

cracked curved horn. Glitter oozes at each thump,
spews the bump stroke. One sick beat — bestial,

a touch demonic, a touch of Sodom —
gets your cunt all catawampus. The groove

that spins you through space to cataclysm
orgasms is the same groove that you move

schlip-schlap against the rough saddle. No one
has seen you this high from what a blissful

state can do, heard the bwow-chcka-bwow bass
in your clit that means you are the shaman

who cums, returns and nuzzles the puzzle
of how through flesh the soul embraces grace.

In 2015 the Swedish government officially made klittra, a combination of clitoris and glitter, a legal definition for female masturbation.



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Some sacred texts of smut are smooth as ash,
afterglow’s fire — lightning’s ozone — desert’s

rain. Some are scraggy. Your mom calls it trash.
The nuns call them sin. Holy acts of perverts:

-psycho- -porno- -jikʼeedgo- toothed and notched.
Certain words crack doors wide. Your butterfly

cacti knows this. So does moon blood. Debauched
flesh flow. Sticky chin. Certain words defy

grace and good taste. Words be nasty with want.
These are our myths. Our filth and bawdiness.

The chaste fear this. They are sick in their soul
without either consort and confidant.

We’re rough, we’re smooth, we burn like a furnace —
this makes us blessed, makes us love, makes us whole.

Jikʼeedgo translates into the act of fucking in the Navajo language (Diné bizaad).