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Call it a quirk. To be hog-tied, unfit
to wait; for rope, for passion, for a throb

between your legs. Scorn the horny half-wit,
far too awkward for a kiss or blowjob,

whose needs go unmet. There are fuck buddies
in this world. There are those who have neither.

Cleaver of Asses. Baalim of Quim. Sleaze
comes in threes; three little deaths, three stranger

acts, three reasons why I’ll wreck you in bed.
Once for our lost time, once for knowing more

about grief than bliss, once to teach you how
to cum like chaos. Feel this sublime dread

that you’re raw meat and I’m pure carnivore
greedy for treats. Right here, lover. Right now.



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Dog days ablaze. Near the school bus, sleazy
grass stains, both your skirts were pulled to your hips.

The nun said that this was a sin: the three
of us kissing, fingering phat girl-lips,

eyes glazed. Quinn was mellow and mild. You: mad
with haze. And me? Still don’t know who I am.

Say that Love led us to this sad triad,
nervous threesome. Besties. Say that to damn

one’s soul is to give up to temptation.
Like this? We gave up everything, like so.

Perhaps we were bewitched and bedeviled —
Quinn came, you came, I came — for where lichen

and moss clung to the swale’s grass the shadow
of the nun fell on us and hell followed.

bareback bones


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After the first cut these dry bones could speak.
Look. My arms have scars where the old bone-blade

pressed in; where I anointed this antique
to gods who demand blood. Once more I’ve splayed

open my skin, yet somehow remained chaste.
In the realms of love there are ghosts begging

for this. It’s hard to tell hell when distaste
is all that you can see in those staring

back. Bareback bones sopped fat with blood, my blood,
my gore galore, rancid wounds dripping want.

All my kindred are here: loveless, jilted,
spurned souls. We speak, we sing of all that haunts

discerning, semi-literate perverts …
brooder’s passion. Tryst between introverts.



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Strange how a nerve can ruin one’s sex drive.
For a week I lay on my back, tendons

frozen, muscles in knots, pinched nerve alive,
burning. All those stories of sex demons

who feed on the cum of the sick are bunk.
I slid out of my head in pain. Nothing

happened. No one appeared in my punch-drunk
fevers. For a week I lay there: crying,

praying the pain away. As if. It’s why,
at that moment, if I could have bartered

my soul away to end all this I would’ve.
It’s a sad day when even succubi

pass you by. My tongue rot. My vision slurred.
My mind forlorn over love … sublime love.

I’m on day 14 of dealing with a pinched nerve on the left side of my back. Hot and cold compresses, messages and the like do nothing. The pain has been slowly making its way up my neck, across my shoulder and down into my biceps. There is no way to get comfortable, no way of easing what is constant and unchanging, no escape. As the poem puts it, I am slowly sliding out of my head but not in any dandy shamanic-like manner. All I have is that ill-stomach feeling, like when I broke my arm and could do nothing but stare ahead in horror.



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Beneath the touch of urgency your clit
throbs and aches with need. I want to take hold

of your foot pressed against my hip, join it
with the one on my shoulder. Uncontrolled

carnivore’s greed leaves me giddy to grope,
to be groped. “Honey from your cup,” so bragged

the song, “makes me erupt.” That and the rope
around your wrists. The way your lips get dragged

out at each pull, in at each twist. — Your eyes
roll up. Your jaw hangs down. Your hips are round,

pierced through the center. Twice. I’ll leave a mess
in each. I’ll run roughshod between your thighs,

wild with the act of ruin, as I pound,
and I pound. It turns me on, I confess.



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Shocking how a shock to muscles, to brawn,
sinew and thew, can ruin me. Hellfire

in the limbs. Rust in the nerves. Pinched neuron
and all at once my head has gone haywire.

Skull pain. Dull brain. All over what? A sprain.
Something inside. A railroad spike jutting

from my chest would be easier. Cocaine
and dime-store morphine won’t dull this throbbing.

My world of muck fuck (sludge boys and goo girls)
is gone, though honorable disembowelment

still holds its appeal. Anything to blur
what I must endure, what rises and swirls

inside me. Pain is a low-down varmint,
a touch divine, a great equalizer.



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Corset cinched. Set your breasts upon a ledge
pressed in lace. Your nipples just visible

but one kiss will bring them over the edge.
Will you pout? Will you dare me to gargle

your cum? Read your clit like braille fat on
my tongue? Half undressed, you writhe, impatient

your folds dripping with anticipation —
for lips to inhale you, breathe your pungent

lust, make you sloppy just thinking about
grinding down the itch in your pubic bone.

It’s where my tongue goes. Why you get fingered.
This is my need to suckle, make you shout

as I quench a thirst as of yet unknown,
feed a hunger yet to be discovered.



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After school I fingered you senseless. Filled
your mouth with more than quarrels over craft.

Left you soppy and brooding with my spilled
seed smeared across your lips. That word, I laughed

at what you called me: “kakhard.” It means witch.
Perhaps. I have blasphemed in the churchyard

of your arse sure enough. Made your clit twitch
with just my stare. Perhaps I am, “kakhard,”

and these dark Armenian arts the spell
that has ensnared you each time the school bell

rings, each time you knock on my door. Each time
kissing turns astonishing and sublime

while I lift the hem of your pleated skirt —
More. Touch me more. Make me hurt. Make me squirt.

In Armenian, “կախարդ,” is the word for witch.



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I curl my fist inside you feel the slow
wet flow begin. You gnash and thrash and soak

my wrist until your voice is raw, too, though
I still keep it in. At times you mewl, “Choke

me when you fuck me.” At times I do. Lips
sloshing between your hips, your curlicue,

lathered teat: curled clit with spit. Acid trips
don’t last as long as I do down on you

while your spine shivers, mouth O, your haunted
eyes go blind. Few taste this sweet. Few can fit

me as you do. First below. Then above.
Round and around. First the flow, then the flood.

Who owns you? Whose teeth nibble at your clit?
Who taught you that depravity is love?

fusty luggs


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To hunt for your cunt. To follow your spine
to the shrine of your ass wrapped in knickers.

Depraved. Shaved lips stretch as you recline,
draping heels around my neck. Worshipers

revere their sacred but I just cock-spank
your clit and call it prayer. To soil, defile

first one worships. The soul of all Love’s rank
and vile run riot in me. Will you smile

each time I sheathe myself in your behind?
Pull out to push in, again. Oui, chéri,

your son shall seethe when he sees me buried
balls deep. Call this position, “Gods Enshrined.”

My faith lies in all that’s pervy, curvy,
fusty luggs. Gods phat with children, married.


“Fusty luggs,” much like, “Venus Observa Feminae,” is an archaic term for tribadism.