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I signed you out of the Shiprock half-way

house to drive you to your rehab meeting.


You’d “come loose” again, so we skipped foreplay

and climbed into the backseat. “Anchoring,”


you called it; my cock buried in your ass.

Mud hook. Cumcocktion. Pain, sublimely raw,


pinning me between your twisting hourglass

hips, leaving you sprawled on top. “Yaadilah,”


you groan. Hints fill the air: creosote, sage,

far-flung thunder. Yaadilah. What The Fuck.


Anchoring you down is hard work. Not cold

turkey hard, of course, but still hard. Rough rage


fucking. Cum-smeared C-scar on your stomach.

Coming loose, the kids say. Gone, y’all, stone-cold.



In Dine bizaad (Navajo), “Yaadilah,” is the equivalent of, “What The Fuck,” in English. The town of Shiprock (Naatʼáanii Nééz) is home to Diné College as well as the Northern Navajo Fair.