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Bad girl, good vibes,” your mum said. For a week

you slept between us, the curve of my cock


nestled against that wet cameltoe streak

etched deep in your panties. Let neighbors talk.


They called her Madivine. Puberty came

round. So did we. First: “Cum in mum,” she said


each time I pressed to split your mound. Nicknames

flew: “Mo ve fi, bon vib.” Natty dread,


indeed. Madivine: a priestess loving

priestess. Pressing me in you, in your blind


other Third Eye deep between your hourglass

hips. The one your mum tongued awake. Tonguing.


Gasping. Reckless. Wrecking you from behind.

My hands in your hair. My lust in your ass.



Natty dread is a Rastafari term for a member of the Rastafari community. In Haitian Creole, “mo ve fi, bon vib,” translates as, “bad girl good vibes.” Madivine (also spelled Madivinaise) is a Haitian term for a lesbian voodoo priestess [citation needed].