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Damn. Lost in a forest with Pan.” That’s what

my big splashy mouth on your misfit clit,


nihilist cunt, felt like, you grunt: “Glut of smut.”

For hours I devoured; leaving you unfit


to drive. Your car slowed on the mountain road

while your son slept in the backseat. “Pregnant


and in middle school?” Even your scowl glowed.

Homeless a month later.” With your silent


O and shayla undone you act as if

no one in Lebanon had ever been


finger fuck’d before. The divine appear

at odd times; parked on the side of a cliff


near Mount Sannine it spoke through you. No sin

or remorse; just faith found in your cum smear.



Shayla is a long, rectangular scarf popular with women in the Gulf region. It’s wrapped around the head and pinned in place at the shoulders. Mount Sannine is the highest peak in Lebanon.