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Gushing-gust. Rammed, slammed, damned as I can slow

downward thrust. From above. From such thick stem


lusting-lust heat, then seed. Round cheeks aglow.

Round chin in shambles with spit, cum and phlegm.


Bodies are round. Muscles are a myth. No

sinew, no bones, just bliss. Just lunacy —


that “rave” in crave. That moan quake. That widow

maker. Fat stem in quim. In cosh. In glee


as I plumb the depth of your throat. Convulse.

Gag. Try to stand up. “Back to your knees, cur.”


This is a game. I play to win because

you play to lose. To be used on impulse


with a thrusting-trust. — Fuck like a centaur.

Cum like a sphinx. Without grace. Without pause.