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Fat “B” in “balsamic.” — As in, the noise

you make glazed — “B” in “burst” and “kablooey.”


Oui, spurt.” Beastly comforts. Raspy tomboy’s

face gets splattered just the same. “Oui, rugby.”


B” as in “butch” with “beef shoulders.” Notchy

hips. Half dollar scar from scrum, rucks and mauls.


Curvy sinner heat. Makes us kiss-crazy.

Makes you shimmy out of your shorts. “Oui, brawls


in bed,” you call this. Hunched blood apple. Stained

bruises. Broken rib. — You could break me. Bleat


me. Make me go blind. — What does the tattoo’d

B” on your thigh mean? You never explained


standing in my bath. All bull-girl athlete.

Brawler of beds. Insatiable and crude.