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CLITORISER (Se). La faire jouir en jouant de la langue
dans son con (voir Gamahucher)

Il te faut, à tout prix,

Sucer des clitoris,

Et si l’antiquité

Ne l’eût pas fait,

tu l’aurais inventé.

—J. Duflot.

CLITORISER. One who make her cum while playing with her
cunt (see Gamahucher)

You need, at all costs,

to suck the clitoris,

And if antiquity hadn’t invented

this then you would have.

—J. Duflot.


NOTE: I often lament that English has not invented better terms for oral sex. We borrow some; “cunnilingus” and “fellatio” are universal but at this point a little bland. “Suck clit” and “Blow job” have always felt like school yard retorts; what we say when we are shit-faced drunk and all our poetry has left us. The French, though, have devoted a lot of time and energy into creating their erotic language. The fact that they have an entire verb, “gamahuche,” expands their poetic worlds drastically. English needs something better than just applying, “licking,” and “sucking,” onto cunt and cock.