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laughing with chunks of life
stuck in my hair — “just another
midtown addict” by perks

But your body does make odd noise: a cry,
a hiss, a whimper, a groan. What crackles?
a slap, a spark, a moan, a grim-toothed sigh
pushed out from between cracked lips. Dull angels
can’t fuck anywhere as good as dirty
corpses, submerged in toxic waste goo, breathed
alive. Hungry for flesh. We’re all hungry
for something. Despair. I’ve lost hope and seethed
with rage and I’ve cut myself just to feel.
But you, who can’t feel, still feel that deep need
to feed. We all feed. You said I crack you
up. As in pieces. As in when you kneel
your joints crumble. Lover, take me in, feed
but don’t bite. I’ll make your green flesh turn blue.