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Tony Harrison: [Saboo and Tony Harrison are DJ-ing] I’ve got it, Saboo! A concept is formulating! Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” in its entirety!

Saboo: [groans]

Tony Harrison: Watch the room crumble at the awe of the H-man.

Saboo: Are you insane? Maybe there is one track I could get away with off, maybe, “Rumors.”

Tony Harrison: Oh, come off it. “Tusk,” in its entirety, with the pauses, as Lindsey Buckingham intended it to be heard.

Saboo: Yeah, why don’t you just give me a .44 so I can spray my brains all over the decks?

Tony Harrison: What is your beef with the Mac?

Saboo: The same beef every right-thinking man has: they are bullshit-munchers.

Tony Harrison: When are you gonna start thinking outside the box?

Saboo: The box is there for a reason; to keep ball-men like you inside it.

Tony Harrison: You are so square! What do you want to lay down?

Saboo: I would like to play “Would I Lie to You” by Charles and Eddie.

Tony Harrison: Ahhhhh… all right, fair enough. Good choice. Slam it down.