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In Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (ii,i) Puck explains that Oberon, king of fairyland, and Queen Titania are keeping rival courts as the aftermath of a quarrel about Titania taking a human boy as a lover:

The king doth keep his revels here to-night:
Take heed the queen come not within his sight;
For Oberon is passing fell and wrath,
Because that she as her attendant hath
A lovely boy, stolen from an Indian king;
She never had so sweet a changeling;
And jealous Oberon would have the child
Knight of his train, to trace the forests wild;
But she perforce withholds the loved boy,
Crowns him with flowers and makes him all her joy …

And, as we all know, all is fair in otherworldly love and war.

* * *

Night is over. Dawn will end our affair.

Once more the sun creeps over Oberon’s
Hill. My sweet changeling with cumin hair,
sleep, sleep, sleep. Dream …
…. of ruttish nymphs and fawns.

Dream of your aroused mother who snuggles
you tight between her breasts. Your mother’s milk
is still sticky on your lips. My nipples
ache …

…. Dream, dream, dream. Under buttercup silk
and the sighing grass dream of another
night of pleasure. Little prince. Little joy.

I prayed to the gods for a new lover
and they sent me a lovely human boy.

Dream of fairy lechery as you lie
with me. Dream …

… of my lips milking you dry.