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Doente cio, doente cio,

doente cio … chove sobre o cio.

* * *

Sonho sobre a cama: inexatas

com o colchão, meu corpo

todo em doente cio.

* * *

Ficarei totalmente exposta.

Pensei ter visto coxas, braços,

seios, miragem e devaneio.

Alheia ao tempo: afogado

em leite e esporra

em minha doente cio.

In English:

Note: I don’t know how to actually translate “doente cio” in the way I want it to sound. Cio is to be “in heat,” like “mating season.” So “doente cio” comes off more like “ill mating season,” which is a lot to say in a poem, so I am just sticking with “sick heat.”

Sick heat, sick heat, sick heat … it rains on my heat.
Dream over bed: inaccurate with the mattress, my body in heat and sick.
I’ll be totally exposed.
I thought I saw thighs, arms, breasts, mirage and reverie.
Unaware of the weather: drowned in milk and cum in my sick heat.