How the fuck does someone fuck in something/ as bent and broken shaft, as dried as pools

no ink flows from, as a poem? Fucking,/ even the Platonic Ideal, has rules

that we must follow. Instead follow this/ as I rise, aroused. It’s been one hundred

twenty-three days (nombre magique!) amiss,/ blissless, frantic, sick. Some cocksucka said

there’s no world soul, no anima spirit,/ no blessed words. By clits, cocks and balls, these scrawls

rise with me. This is the ideal: shortest/ distance between us——words. We, who submit

to lust’s divine plan. Recall what befalls/ cocksuckas who scorn the verve of Logos.



Logos is a Greek philosophical term that says a divine word (reason) governs the universe. Likewise, World Souland Anima (Spirit) Mundi are other concepts of Logos. Plato’s Platonic Ideal states that the idea of an act or object is, “more real,” than the object itself. In this case the concept of fucking is more real than the act itself. Finally, I love numbers that arrange themselves in patterns (12:34, etc.) Nombre magique is French for, “Magic number.” It’s good to be back 🙂