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“I too Analyze,” the spambot confessed,

with Safe and Sexy cam models!” “Big Dick


Trickle.” “Dajuana Cox.” “Mother Knows Breast.”

So much for my Shakespeare essay. Type, “Schlick,”


in by mistake and whole new worlds open

up. It makes research a tad hard, bastards.


Still, I’m sure friend Spambot had lots of fun

crafting wretched sex puns from all my words.


Kinda respect such asinine zeal

to the Absurd. Genet would’ve been proud.


Flarf. Faux Joejobs. Spoems. Ass-‘n-9. None

of it sparks joy … like Dick Trickle. Surreal


but not clever. Cold but not kinky. Loud

but not sublime. Zealot but not shaman.



Jean Genet is one of my favorite petty criminals and playwrights. Champion of Theatre of the Absurd he wrote The Thief’s Journal and Our Lady of the Flowers (where Divine, of Pink Flamingos fame, got her name). The idea of this poem came from Steven Frank’s Spamusement! which took subject lines from spam emails and turned them into single-panel gags. Flarf, Joejobs and Spoems do the same thing but, as I’ve often found, without the humor and self-awareness that makes Frank’s work a joy to read.