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Virus and the silence of night. Wham, bam:
the song went — but from your open window

there are no voices. Kink from Amsterdam —
Bunny Boiz who beg for the peg; Bravo

Gals who throw their weight; all those beta brawls.
All that gone. Plague-time and the Freaks suffer.

No, not especially, just each one who mauls
you with a brutal hand. Call me, Father

Confessor; I heard you. I heard slapping.
Swaffelen, I thought. I heard your baby

talk peeps. Now nothing comes from the dungeon
of your bedroom. Silence is threatening

when you can’t sleep; when you’re one more Daddy
who just up and died and went to heaven.

Swaffelen is a Dutch term meaning to cock-slap one’s penis against an object or person. It was named as the Word Of The Year in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2008.