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You got klittra on your fingers from rump
shaking on your kid’s hobbyhorse saddle,

cracked curved horn. Glitter oozes at each thump,
spews the bump stroke. One sick beat — bestial,

a touch demonic, a touch of Sodom —
gets your cunt all catawampus. The groove

that spins you through space to cataclysm
orgasms is the same groove that you move

schlip-schlap against the rough saddle. No one
has seen you this high from what a blissful

state can do, heard the bwow-chcka-bwow bass
in your clit that means you are the shaman

who cums, returns and nuzzles the puzzle
of how through flesh the soul embraces grace.

In 2015 the Swedish government officially made klittra, a combination of clitoris and glitter, a legal definition for female masturbation.