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Lady Frigg: there’s no shame when the gods touch
us. Hand on a mutton dagger. Fingers

in a velveteen mine. What they call a Dutch
Jacking, Fifty-nine, Mutual Pleasures

is what we do, every day, after school.
Fertile demivierge: all that’s in repose,

ready to be woke, is in us. Flesh fuel.
Dungarees around your knees. Your curled toes

quiver as I work in a third finger —
stroking what lies within. Like a heart-stone

or a seed-fruit our gifts are limitless
here in your bedroom before your mother

gets home. Tiny deaths spring up. Endless moan
as the gods fill us, vast and numberless.

DEMIVIERGE: A French term meaning, “an adolescent who, though still technically a virgin, has engage in other sexual activities including mutual-masturbation, oral sex and heavy petting.” (from, sex-lexis, an on-line erotic dictionary)