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To milk. To think of Lilith, her nine laws,

as I ream your ring. Moon-cycle, moon-horns,


moon-kin. She loves pilgrims, slattern outlaws,

butt sluts. With lubed tongue, with cum that adorns


Heaven. Haven. Your ass spread wide like so.

Pervy,” you lament. “You’ve made me a perv


with my bum.” The other secret grotto.

We name it, then we pray to it. Fat curve


of cock swallowed up, shaft consumed. Clenched tight,

you’ve milked with your bowels. A prayer for Her —


Mother of Outcasts, Lady of the Dune,

Vagabond’s Love — blessed be and Her queer light


in this excess, in your ass, the other

grotto — Eden: laid waste by a typhoon.