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“How many licks” – Lil Kim

I need a new word. The ancient mothers had tongue,

but I’ve lost how to read. The Chinese call it, “Tian yin.”

The Greeks, “Aidoioleixia.” The Welsh, “Gweinlyfu.”

The Tamil, “Vay neṟikkoṇam.” The Nepali,

“Yoni mukhamaithuna.” But for the rest of the world

it is simply “Cunnilingus,” or “Kunilengus,” or

“Cunnilingio.” It sounds like a medical term. The fruit from

the Tree of Diana would never taste like how that word sounds.

The Mystery is there, on the tip of our tongues, I can

almost hear the proper words, like trying to decipher

the chaos as the Goddess of the Hunt brings down the old boar;

at the climax we all make noise that sounds like sacrament.


“… how summer learns to end.” – etherlighter

Mother Lilith, progenitor, what breeds

deeper disquiet in the human heart

than this celibacy that only bleeds

the soul of ecstasy, sets us apart

from the Divine? Debauchery, speaking

in tongues, music: they hold truths and secrets

that the piety of silence, lacking

epiphany, can’t find. When you say, “sluts

and whores,” you speak of prophets. We all die,

Lilith, but not all of us have to numb

our souls first. First Mother, First Wife;

let the world burn, even Augustine’s lie.

Orgasm: it’s the closest that we’ll come

to the Divine in this short, little life.


Babylon, man-child,

grow up, there is

more to riding off

on a foamy white

horse, a jism of

release, never to

return, the patriarch

will fall for he is

blind, somewhere

in Rome hidden

from view rests

Saint Hripsime’s chemise,

made of sackcloth,

which rubbed her

right there when

she walked, for even

martyrs are full

of desire, much

like in Boccaccio’s

Decameron, in

the first story of the

third day when Masetto

becomes a gardener,

who “tills the soil

and makes barren

plots fertile,” discreet

easing of the pangs of

lust among the bold

sisters and abbess

and though Hripsime

was a virgin Pier

Paolo Pasolini showed

us how Christ treats

those who put horns

on his crown, they are

the true

children of heaven.

[submitted by ghostsista]