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fire-weed, drake-root,
belle-chose, a geography
without names

oyster clouds over
an altar of Venus, jasper
moss still warm after sunset

Netherlands chick
weed, split petals in
the daring-down hollow

a witch and a crow and
placket-lace in the high

things forgotten phoenix
nest wrong answer moonlit

all the Latin that I
know contrapunctum and
cinaede and cunnilinctus

through tall upland
grass Aphrodisiacal
sport among the rushes

high in the east lady’s
low postiche clouds
over with lightning

birds hidden on the mount
pleasant dreams among
the boughs

butterflies petticoats
lane flecks moving
up and down

early venerable monosyllable
heralding first rain
then flood

storybook Mrs. Fubbs’
parlor a broken
china cup

kitchen fire
cottage smoke

Cypriote fountain
someone is happy


nuthatch atop
a maypole first

thistledown Master
Robin Goodfellow
in the thicket

a moth, a scythe,
a shadow not

washed air, Eve’s
dropper, song
in the gutter

flying through the dark
woods Cyprian scepter
in ghostly hands

long August night
Don Cypriano cat
screams grow louder

red woods and rule
of three slowly

morning, noon,
evening silent flute
breeze in the field

in the valley arbor
vitae twilight

mountain rising
empty sky