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Afloat and nowhere. Never reign; open
all your plucky urchins. Here’s my scarred split
tongue. The echo men beating Blind Lemon
Pie. Her elbow’s bone. Her wit of a clit.
As in, suck in. As in, gag. Someone sings
of all the dreams that she brings from the wide
open sea; of all the dreams that she brings.
Come. Get me. I’m singing down at low tide.
Get me milky-sweet and barely swimming.
As in, mud. I’ll suck you down. Rattled face.
Broken bone. Rasping selkie tea. Frayed stitch
that won’t see salvation. Heh-heh, saving.
Lover Pie. Lover seal skin. You’re pale face.
I’m both: Sea-Bitch and the Son-of-a-Bitch.