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Gelding, dwarf star, that carmine snip where dye
soaked in. Where fiber and leather were cut

away. Prayers sung. Eunuchs and castrati
pray just like every other sinner, but

their cries carry weight. The heft of lightning
weighs the same as what Farinelli gained,

perhaps lost. The boy soprano singing
on stage at the Beijing Flying Dragon

Opera House. Lustrey crying with need.
We’ve been sweating in our bed. What choice

do we have? The radio is on. Lulled
by high arias, orgasms and weed.

Lulled by an impossible boy. His voice
shook the bed. You gasped and the world trembled.



Farinelli was a celebrated Italian castrato diva of the 18th century and possibly one of the greatest singers in all of opera.