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It all goes away. Ta. Evening after
evening after. Tee-Tee Ta. The Mantis

rubbing claws, cleaning her mandibles, her
lover’s weed, her root and roe. Green goddess,

Eater of Men, it’s how I learned to count:
Ta, Tee, Tee-Tee Ta. Your luminescent

charms. Light. Happiness. How you let him mount
you, then off with his head. Tee-Tee Ta. Scent

of the demon in heat. Mansbane. Conquest
of your mates. Shh, I’m counting. Ta. I give

myself. Tee-Tee Ta. I count. It’s my choice
to count. The beat of the heart at rest. Rest.

Counting as song. There’s nothing to forgive,
darling. And if I sing you are my voice.