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Of course I believe in hell—What’s worse
than this? Wanting one you know you shouldn’t?

No, that’s what we all do. It’s that old curse;
finding out just what a vile and blatant

bastard you’re stuck with. That’s lamentable.
That’s a joke. That’s the one thing we all say,

“this must end.” I was inconsolable
when you left. I was wretched on the day

you came back home. It’s hard not to despise
someone who takes my love for granted. Death

changed nothing; you’re still a pig when you touch
me. Cold tongue on warm flesh, between your thighs,

your cock filling me. I can feel your breath
coming in quick gasps. I hate you so much.


you disturb my natural emotions/ you make me feel I’m dirt/ and I’m hurt
and if I start a commotion/ I’ll only end up losing you/ and that’s worse

—buzzcocks, “ever fall in love with someone you shouldn’t’ve?