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Nov 20, 2013 (2)

Sister mine—what she calls liberation
is just one more example of lapis

red extermination. You are captain;
you’ll fight with Penthesilea at Troy. Princess

Ainia ordered you to spare no one;
so what makes you different from Achilles?

I have been lost in mist, grayish brown, dun
light let me sooth-say from papyrus. Please,

sister mine, listen. Do not be martyr,
warrior or her fool. Be the wild night’s mare.

Gallop to me. Ruin is not for you.
Let me wash your feet in saffron and myrrh.

Troy and Princes Ainia will fall—Swear
that you won’t, too. Please, swear that you won’t, too.



For the background of the picture I used an ancient Greek pot showing the Fall of Troy.

Princess Ainia was an Amazon who was the personal enemy of Achilles. Due to this, she brought her forces with her and fought against the Greeks at Troy. Her name means, “Swiftness.”

Queen Penthesilea was the daughter of Orithia and the god Ares. She was known for her bravery, her skill in weapons and her wisdom. During the ten year long siege of Troy she killed many Greek warriors, including Machaon and the Achilles the Greater. Her name means “She Who Compels Men to Mourn.”