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“When the food runs out, the family reunion is over. It’s cool that out of all my relatives, I’m the only cannibal.”
― Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title


I could bind you, bite you, beat you. Freaky
needs leave you in rags and used. Should I come

back? kiss away the bruise? But that’s what we
do on Friday nights out of pure boredom.

Today is Tuesday, kitchen day, and I
have been playing with spices: lemon zest,

basil, chervil. One day I shall hog-tie
you, rub thyme and marjoram on your breasts.

I am curious what you would taste of
if I felt a bit peckish. It is odd

how so few things shock anymore. Quite right,
the cannibal in you is not above

a tease. I’m a lovely cock tease. The God
of Death knows my infernal appetite.