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It was dark. Drunk, we went skinny dipping
in the dim pool near the hotel. Naples
spread out far below us. Her arms, hugging
my neck, pulled me close to her. Her nipples
and my cock awoke in that bottomless
dark. How odd that something so horrific
should wear such a dull mask. Dante warned us.
So did Virgil. But I was drunk, lovesick,
wanted to make her cum, so I ignored
what I knew of Lake Avernus; the gate
to Hell, which bore our witness. I explored
her dark body. We fucked like it was fate.
Little man, you claim to be a rebel,
tell me, have you cum on the gates of Hell?


Lake Avernus (Lago d’Averno in Italian) is the entrance to the Underworld in Greek myth. It is a real lake with dark, murky water, surrounded by dense forest. Avernus is described in Virgil’s poem The Aeneid, as well as in Dante’s Divine Comedy, as the gateway that Orpheus took to find his dead wife in the land of shades.