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“Breath is the bridge which connects you to passion,
which unites your body to your desires.”

~Sanskrit Proverb


We speak with the breath of saints and demons.
Exhale: we have the whole cosmos hidden
in each breath. The atoms of lesbians
and gay men, gods and heroes — everyone
who has ever drawn breath — live within us.
We rub. We squish-slish-squish. We cum crazy.
When you take me; when I taste your wetness;
we are immortal. What is jealousy
but sin? First love, last love; for a thousand-
thousand years we’ve been doing this. Come taste
my past. Each hard cock; each cunt that glistened
with need. Exhale. Breath in all my debased
needs. When all our breath, all our cum mingles
we’re more than just lovers, we’re immortals.