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cultures have folk tales about women
with toothed vaginas, frequently told
as cautionary tales warning of the
dangers of sex with strange women

Teeth in your cunt? Take me, I’m yours, because

I want it nasty, girl. Always obscene

hunger is so hard to please. Please. Rougher

fuckin’ our cock and cunt will let us knock

boots: wet as dreams, long as a bullgod’s cock.

Is it wrong to say you’ll cum like thunder?

Cum like black heat? Let me unfold between

your legs, feel your sharp heat. Will your toothed jaws
let me explode deep inside you? — making
all tight things cum in a confused climax.
Life is short and sex is so amazing.
Make me bleed the way that acid flashbacks,
ice cubes, whips, candle wax all make me bleed
in you. I need you. I need you. I need —