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“Myth says Dionysus was sown up in Zeus’ thigh
while Athena burst from his head.”

He lied. Today is your thirteenth birthday.
Today I’ll tell you who you are, Daughter
of the Thigh. Some say you were sea-born. They
claim they saw. But how could they? My nightmare
child, you are not mine. He was a liar.
He came in my sleep, in dream. He pulled you
out of me. Like so, sewed you up, an hour
of work, into his thigh. An old god, who
was one hung bull, this country girl’s lover.
He lied. It’s a lie to believe your birth.
Are you surprised to find out you’re a thigh
born-child? That I am neither your mother
or dead father? It all started with earth
and fire. He cut you out and made a lie.