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note: in Hinduism Durga is a form of the supreme goddess
Devi. as an embodiment of female power Durga appears
as fearless, never losing her sense of humor, even during
raging battles of epic proportion.
Lush, lush wild woman: a name, a hot stone,
a god-thing pulled from the earth. Clits and tits,
lemon’s bright light, the rain of a cyclone.
You have a name. The myth of girl bandits,
the heft of spears, the blood under your nails.
Even Durga enjoyed a good hard fuck
now and then. Girly males, manly females,
genderless gods, the mad and the moonstuck,
all this love spilling from my burnt-out heart.
Be my door to a dark, concealed tunnel.
Lead me to the scent of the world, the art
of rage and fear. My brutal sexual
beastie. No guilt. No excuses. No shame.
Just: “say my name, cock sucker, say my name!”