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“Go play with your tripping hell beast, darling.”
“Just tending the Incubus, mother.”
“Do you know what playing is, Trumpy?”
“Yes, it’s where I rip you in half.”
“Now we can play!”
“Like hell, more food!”
“Do you know how to play, Trumpy? What do you know?”
“Food … Eating … The Theater.”
“You can do magic things!”
“It’s called evil, kid.”
“Delicious kitty… oh, ouch… kitty is like a potato… so nice. Where do I start, it all looks so good. Little winged potatoes. Ouch! That’s my snout… ouch, let go. This potato’s got big ears, yes… it’s like a whole buffet… oh, new potatoes, hmm…”
“Boo Radley? –Dark One? –Beelzebub? –Chief? –McCloud?”
“I like you, Tommy. I’ll kill you last.”


… an ode to all things Trumpy, from the movie, Los nuevos extraterrestres, a 1983 Spanish science fiction film directed by Juan Piquer Simón and laughed at and ridiculed by Mystery Science Theater 3000, under the title The Pod People.