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The Bonneville Salt Flats: while Northern Nevada is, to me, one of the more beautiful spots I’ve ever been in Southern Utah is a pretty blighted place, with giant stretches of nothing that you have to drive to get through simply to get to something interesting. It does have The Bonneville Salt Flats going for it, though, this flat lake-like area of nothing but white rock that looks like the surface of the moon. Once in a while there’s auto races out on it and I’ve been told several land-speed records have been broken here because there’s nothing to bump into when you’re going close to the speed of sound.

In the photos I am holding my parent’s cat, Buddy, who was very happy to sit in his little travel bag and watch the world pass by. It turns out that if you’re traveling with cats in bags the Subway chain will not kick you out if you bring your cat in with you and on hot days in Salt Lake City that is a blessing.