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reblogged from Middle Eastern Trans Folks:

It reads: “Հայ Կանայք Տրանս էլ են լինում” (“Armenian women can also be trans”)

It’s the #IWD : International Women’s Day (also called “March 8th”), but this is not particularly for that occasion because we are woke about the White Feminism™ and the gender binary lol … also a box of shitty chocolate and flowers once a year won’t stop us from fighting against the capitalism, the coloniality of binarism, the patriarchy and the cisheterosexism wink emoticon

This is more of a celebration of multiplicity of our womanhoods and our bodies. A reminder that we can be trans, queer, gender non-conforming, middle easterner, caucasian (not that one that white people stole from us), west asian, muslim, christian, brown and many other things and still claim our womanness. Our transness does not limit our other identities (race, ethnicity, culture, religion), it intersects and complements them!

[image: an armenian carpet with red/white patterns and with a text, in Armenian, written on it in form of embroidery saying: “Armenian women can also be trans”.]