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Today I would like to highlight a new author, Vahan Zanoyan, and his novel, “A Place Far Away,” the story about a young village girl from rural Armenia who is tricked into agreeing to pursuing a modeling job in Greece and is then forced into a life of prostitution in Dubai. 

While sex trafficking affects women and children from around the world, as a former Peace Corps volunteer who lived in Armenia I am especially drawn to Zanoyan’s work. 

While in Dubai for his work as an energy consultant, Zanoyan met an Armenian girl in a hotel lobby who told him she arrived in the city as a victim of sex trafficking. Over the course of many months he interviewed her and other Armenian girls in the same predicament and in an effort to help stop girls like them from the same fate, he has written the highly acclaimed suspense novel, "A Place Far Away.” Based on true stories he heard from the victims he met, the novel is gripping, beautiful and poignant. Zanoyan gives all proceeds from the sale of the book to various organizations who are devoted to protecting children and fighting against human trafficking.