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I’m so happy right now

This photo means so much: I’m a hospice nurse, I work with the elderly. I’m good with dealing with other people’s grief. Today was one of those rare days at work when that skill wasn’t needed. 

I wish everyone could meet Robert, who I take care of and who lost his partner 22 years ago. When he talks about this man it is the only time when he comes alive, when that gleam returns to his eye and you can just see it; even as he’s facing his own death he’s still so in love, still telling me about the greatest love story ever told. When I came to work today he was sobbing in amazement that he lived long enough to see same-sex marriage legalized. Robert is like many, many of the elderly GLBT patients I’ve cared for over the years, almost every one of them are alone, having out-lived their life-partners.

This day is also for Robert, Marcus, Luis, Betty and all the others who can’t take part in this landmark ruling but should have because their love is still just as strong.