Phelps dies and Michigan’s anti-gay marriage ban is struck down, it is a blessing to be alive!

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When I choked up trying to explain the reaction of a group of students and community members to Judge Bernard Friedman’s ruling to my editor, I was actually shocked. Friedman had just released a scathing 31-page ruling not just striking Michigan’s marriage ban down as Unconstitutional, but had completely revealed the state’s arguments for the hallowed out, painted up straw men of hate they were– and smacked the state and its witnesses around the court to boot.

It is no secret that marriage has never been on the top of my list of to do things for LGBT equality — in Michigan or nationally. I think economic security is much more important and believe amending nondiscrimination laws require much more urgent attention. I also believe the increasing rates of HIV infections among young men who have sex with men are a crisis and deserving of the same level of attention…

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