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Dumb glutton after reading Lolita
she looked once at her daughter and then fled.
Inamatus, bangtail, poor mute, daughters
of Lot pregnant with their leering father’s
observe this erotic Lent—and I thought
she had liked this gamahuching better

than she did. Than I do. Is there no more
exquisite a conjugation in our crude
anatomy than this where poetry
dovetails with the inevitable mandrake,
the Nebuchadnezzar, the three-penny

upright? To me, to me, to me the most
endearing is its unsuitableness
of such in books, magazines and Best Of
anthologies; and, conversely, the chief
wonder in hell (wither bone, I’m sometimes
transported) are these three sticky fingers
that I bring with me everywhere. Bite hard.