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Ben Wa Balls, also known as Geisha Balls
are small, metal balls, usually hollow,
used for sexual stimulation — note

Control: making you keep your panties on.

When you go out leave those Ben Wah Balls deep
inside you. Wear them at work. Let nylon
be the only thing to keep them in, keep
them from being heard as you walk. Jogging.
We will go jogging until your eyes glaze
over. I’ll be right behind you, watching
as you tremble with each step. You always
rode bikes and ponies to get off. These balls,
each with a small vibrating metal screw,
are like that. Love is control and Menthols
and bad acid. Love is making you do
things you never would. When I ask, “Lover,
did you cum at work?” You whisper, “yes, sir.”